Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Vignette: Sample Size, Pt. 2 of 2

Notes: Here we have the sexy times I skipped last week! Explicit sex below, please don't read if you're offended by such things. Ten and Cody, oh my gosh, you two...and I'm getting so many ideas for the rest of this universe, when will it end?

It might never end... O_O

Title: Vignette: Sample Size, part 2 of 2.


There were time, Ten thought, when ze thought ze could be perfectly happy just rubbing hirself all over Cody for hours. There was something about the skin to skin contact that made hir feel…better. Not that ze ever felt really bad, that wasn’t what this was about, but there was something to be said for the old psychological tern skin hunger, that gnawing need for affection that could mostly be treated with targeted medical treatments and comforting additions to a person’s environment. In the early days of space exploration, before the invention of FTL engines, cryosleep had been the only way to assure a lone explorer didn’t suffer from massive depression and anxiety on their journey.

Naturally that time was referred to as a technological dark age at this point, and there were many developments in the field of preventative and restorative psychotherapy that took care of such odd, lizard-brain needs. Still, there was something undeniably special about the feeling of touching someone, and the pleasure it gave. Or rather, there was something special about touching Cody. Ten could think of plenty of people ze’d rather eject out of an airlock before coming into contact with.

They were naked in their bed, but Ten had decided against letting Cody shower. He smelled and tasted like sweat, hardly the worst thing in the world, and there was something appealing about having him while he was all messy and tired. Cody was more pliable when he was tired, less eager to please and more amenable to whatever Ten wanted, which right now was for him to stay still while ze had hir way with him. Ten sprawled across Cody’s body, chest to chest, hir hands roaming all over his torso and hips while ze licked and nipped at his neck. Ze felt every rise and fall of his chest, heard the slight hoarseness of his voice that came from working out too hard with Jason, and reveled in the way his breath hitched when ze sucked his earlobe into hir mouth.

“Ten…c’mon…” His hands smoothed restlessly up and down hir back, and Ten bowed into the caresses like a catterpet. “Let me just…”

Ze let go of his ear and kissed his open mouth. “No,” Ten said sweetly.

“Oh, come on!” Cody hitched his calves up around Ten’s knees and rubbed their groins together. “Just, we could like this, I’m so…”

Ten pulled back and Cody let hir. “Nope.”

Cody’s head flopped back on the bed as he groaned. And people thought Ten was the dramatic one? “You’re so mean.”

Ten knew that Cody didn’t mean it, but the words still struck a bit of a sore spot. Ze’d been accused of a lot of things over the years and mean was the mildest of them, but it still bothered hir. “No, I’m not.”

Cody, being the adorable idiot that he was, immediately agreed, as though Ten needed that kind of instant reassurance. “Of course you’re not.” And, well, maybe ze did, because it did make Ten feel better. "I meant to say wicked,” Cody continued with a blithe grin. “Because you won’t let me do anything when all I want is to suck you.”

Ten felt hir cheeks pink, and that was just ridiculous and didn’t bear thinking about. “That’s what I’m going to do, you just…” Ze leaned back in and pressed hir hands against Cody’s shoulders, pushing him deeper into the mattress. “Stay there. Just stay and let me. Okay?”

“Anything you want.”

How could he just…in that tone of voice…Ten hadn’t ever thought ze’d get more pleasure out of someone not arguing with hir over something. Fighting for what ze wanted was in hir blood, and it was still strange to Ten that Cody just gave it to hir, like ze’d done anything to deserve it. “You’re impossible. I don’t know how you’re parents put up with you.”

“Oh fuck, did you have to mention my parents right now?” Cody pressed his palms to his eyes. “Arg, there go my sexy thoughts. Oh my god, Ten, why?”

Ten smirked and shimmied down Cody’s body, always touching him, before ze settled in between his legs on hir knees. Cody wasn’t the biggest person Ten had ever gone down on, and he was far from the hardest to please, but for the first time in hir not-inconsiderable sexual experience, it became about something other than competing with the other person to see who would keep control the longest, who could do the most damage the quickest, who won the encounter. It was about making Cody happy, about making both of them happy. It was stupidly novel, and Ten hoped that the strange delight of it never wore off.

Ze spread Cody’s legs further, tracing hir small hands against the inside of his thighs and the curve of his hipbones and delighting in the way his body reacted, skin hot and slick, cock red and hard. Ten decided to be merciful, which was a trait ze generally held in reserve just for Cody, and wrapped one of hir hands around him. Ze leaned in and licked the head, sucking it slowly into hir mouth, then lowered hir mouth down until it met hir hand. Cody groaned like he was dying, the sound even rougher than usual thanks to the ruin of his throat, and if Ten hadn’t already been aroused that would have done it for hir. Ze ignored hirself, though, and went back to teasing Cody, sucking and jerking him slowly while ze toyed with his balls and pressed against his perineum. Ze didn’t penetrate him, wouldn’t without a lot more preparation, but ze stroked across his hole with hir thumb, a steady, smooth pressure that made Cody’s legs twitch around hir.

Skin hunger…this wasn’t the way the term was meant to be applied, Ten knew that, but kneeling here with Cody’s cock in hir mouth, his fragile control coming apart at the feel of Ten’s ministrations, it felt like the only correct way to think about it. Ten hungered to have Cody inside of hir like this, his body straining to connect and surround and subsume. He was leaking, slick precome sticky inside hir mouth and Ten was more than ready for it. Ze wanted everything Cody could give her, everything, now and tomorrow and forever. Ten tightened hir grip and sucked him hard, and Cody swore and arched his back and came in hir mouth, his hips making tight little thrusts as he spent himself.

Ten waited for him to finish, wrung the last drop out of him before ze spread hirself against his body again, connected from the tops of their feet to their lips, desperate to feel as much of him as humanly possible. Ze was so aroused just the press of their bodies like this was a sweet, zinging torment but Ten didn’t want to come, ze just wanted to get closer, was desperate to close every gap and never let this end, never, they could just ride the edge like this and be together and Ten would make Cody happy, ze could, ze could actually make someone happy and that someone was Cody and Ten had never wanted anything so much in hir entire life.

Ten didn’t even realize ze was making any noise until Cody’s words finally started to penetrate hir brain: “It’s good, we’re fine, we’re good, oh fuck, Ten…hang on, let me…” He rolled them over and Ten whined, but it was even better this way, the weight of Cody’s body bearing hir down into the soft swell of the mattress and holding hir there while he moved his hand over hir sensitive nipple, thumb stroking it gently before he replaced his hand with his mouth. He reached down and stroked hir cock and that shouldn’t have been enough to make hir come, Ten had better control than that, ze knew how to win at sex and you didn’t give the other person such easy satisfaction, but this wasn’t about winning. It was about being with Cody, and he gave hir exactly what ze needed and as wonderful as a blowjob would have been, his hand was all it took.

Ten wrapped hir arms around Codys’s head and came, holding him still as ze shuddered through hir ogasm. He stroked and petted hir through it, always touching as much of hir as he possibly could, and it was so good. Endorphins made hir mind go warm and floaty, and Ten relaxed hir grip enough for Cody to move back up beside hir and share the pillow.

“That was fun.”

“Hmm,” Ten replied.

“I’ll spar with Jason three times a day if this is the result.”

“Hmm—wait. How many times a day do you spar?”

“Usually twice. Sometimes just once,” Cody said with a little shrug.

“How does he have the time for this? Doesn’t the man have a job?”

Cody chuckled. “I asked him that. Apparently he has a lot less to do when they’re on Perelan than when he and Ferran are out touring the galaxy. He’s been working with me on a lot of stuff, and of course we teach the kids together.”

“What else have you been working on?”

“A lot of different stuff. Small group tactics. Hand-charting courses and calculations for interstellar travel. That sort of thing.”

Ten frowned. “Why would you ever need to chart a course by hand? That’s what navigation systems are for.”

“I told him that, but he just made that face he makes—you know the face—”

“Oh yeah.” Jason Kim’s I am not amused face was the archetype of imperturbable.

“And then of course I did it anyway. It’s going to be part of my navigation course in school second term anyway, I might as well get a head start on it.” Cody kissed Ten’s shoulder, and Ten shuddered again. Stupid body. “Did you have fun in the forest?”

“I got some excellent samples.”

“Yeah?” Cody lifted his head. “Want to take a shower and then show them to me?”

And all Ten could do was stare helplessly at this smiling, messy-haired, completely ridiculous boy and nod hir head.


  1. Does anyone here actually object if this universe never ends?


    Thought not :-)

    1. That's good, because it very well might go on until I die or lose my mind ;)

  2. Yay! Academy April! Woohoo!! Thank you, Cari! Beautiful chapter. And LOVED the final chapters of soothsayer!! That was a fantastic story! Lovin it!


    1. Thanks, Scottie! I'm glad both were hits with you. Academy ftw!

  3. Loved it. Hot and sweet; I never want to leave. (I was just re-reading Pandora & Paradise so reading about Cody having sex feels funny!)

    1. Heh, I re-read Pandora recently too! It's a bit of a mental leap from this to Space Rangers and mac and cheese :-)

    2. I know, right? It's like seeing the actors from Harry Potter take their clothes off on film. I mean, go Daniel, but...what?

    3. I still love bonded. It is my all time favorite re-read. Gotta love where this got started.

  4. I do love how Cody makes Ten feel. And I'm with VC - it's fine if the stories in this universe never end. There are just so many interesting characters.

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Lynette :) Ah Cody, ahh Ten...feelings are so hard for Ten. Ze'll get the hang of it in another few decades, maybe.

  5. Too cute! Too hot! :)

  6. I really love Ten and Cody, they are absolutely freaking adorable!!

    1. If I could make a living writing nothing bu Cody and Ten, I would.