Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Soothsayer Ch. 4, Pt. 2

Notes: So, this is the last moment of development before we jump ahead to the Windy City. It's going to get interesting, folks:) Also, today is Lisa T's birthday--happy birthday, darlin'! Lisa is prompter, cheerleader, commenter and queen extraordinaire, and I'm so glad that this post falls on her day. I hope you, and everyone else, is enjoying the journey.

Title: Soothsayer, Chapter 4, Part 2


 Not my picture, of course, but I couldn't resist another CIllian shot before we head out. If only his hair was blonde...

“All journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware.” – Martin Buber

I really only had one call to make, and that was to the author of the article on Egilsson. Andre Jones was a multi-tasker, I had to give him that. He’d written about half the articles in this month’s Modern Parapsychia, in addition to posting articles on completely different subjects on two different news blogs. He was a freelancer, willing to go almost anywhere to get a story, including a three-month stint in Turkey last year that led to a piece that was picked up by Rolling Stone. We’d chatted a little bit before he’d interviewed me, and he was a surprisingly relaxed guy, not dogmatic or demanding about how he expected things to go. He didn’t ask me to do any parlor tricks to prove I was psychic, but he didn’t go out of his way to debunk the idea either. It had been pretty balanced, all things considered, which was why I didn’t think he’d reject me out of hand for asking about his sources for the other article.


  1. I read this on Tuesday-my birthday thank you-on my kindle, but I just read it again here. This feels like a real jumping off point. I can't wait to go to Chicago-since I can't be there for GRL, heh-and I can't wait to meet Soren. We are meeting Soren, aren't we?

    I love Marisol, but I've said that before :) And that little Buddha, hmm.

  2. Hi Lisa:)

    This is kind of a hurry up and wait chapter, to paraphrase a friend, but we're moving at the speed of me here! Which is kind of slow and careful. Yep, this is a jumping off point, all the background laid, everything ready to go. Next post will probably involve meeting Andre, and after that...oh man, things are going to get crazy fast. I don't even know how I'm going to put it all together yet, but it'll be fun.

    And the little Buddha...hmm.

  3. Andre hasn't said much in this story so far but I'm looking forward to meeting him. I'm getting a premonition that he might play a bigger part in all of this than a normal secondary character would. :-)