Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Soothsayer Ch. 1, Pt. 2

Notes: Chapter One, Part Two! Damn, this got long, nearly 3k. But some stories just can't be rushed, and this is turning into one of them. Have a picture of Marisol in her fortune-telling getup, and fyi none of the pics except for the one with last week's story belong to me. I hope you enjoy:)

Title: Soothsayer, Chapter One, Part Two

Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly...

“Nothing prevents us being natural so much as the desire to appear so.” – Francois de La Rochefoucauld

You know what they say: dress to impress. The way you look has a lot to do with how you’re going to be treated, and at this point in my life I was better than a goddamn boy scout at being prepared. For most of the people in this business, your appearance is just part of the con. You look mysterious, exotic, special and strange, and you’re going to have more credence to the average consumer than a housewife in a terrycloth robe and hair curlers. I’m not saying I believed that, I’d had my ass handed to me by more than one unassuming face, but I did believe in the efficacy of the right presentation.


  1. This is great! Love it! And quite a bit of research done, I see.
    I'm so glad that my 'talent' didn't manifest this way. I blocked it out long before it reached this point. I only got to where I could sense the spirits in my vicinity, but friends told me I would eventually be like Cillian. I did not cultivate it, wanting nothing to do with it because there is no off switch, no control when or how...i do still occasionally have dreams, but I don't remember them when I wake. Training. It's hard to stop it.
    Anyways, fantastic as always!

    1. Hi Scottie!

      Ooh darlin, sounds rough. I've no experience with this sort of thing personally and largely treat it as speculative, but I know my own ignorance is also quite vast. Anyway...thanks for reading, hon.


  2. Parts 1 & 2 make for an awesome first chapter. :-)

    I have been drawn in hook, line, and sinker. I am eager to see how Cillian's character develops. What an interesting guy!

    1. Tiffany!

      Glad you're caught! Hopefully he'll develop into someone you want to stick with.

  3. I barely breathed through that last bit. You almost had me feeling bad for the slimy guy, almost.

    Hey, the description of Cillian' s suit had me seeking out the original photo shoot. Fantastic, right down to his "decent" shoes :) I can't wait for more. Thanks for this,

    1. Hi Lisa!

      Almost sympathetic, but not quite...just right. :) And I love that photo shoot, he looks so good in it. I'll be using more pictures from it as we go along, it's just so good.