Saturday, September 20, 2014

Movie Review: The Drop, + something fun

Hi there!

So, I think there's something wrong with my fun processor. I got home last night, and there was my man all bouncy and happy to see me, and he said, "Hey, I want to take you to get a massage, then dinner, and we can see a movie!" And my first impulse was to say, "Nooo, I want to stay home and have a bath and read." What kind of person does that?

Oh wait, the kind who was working all day while her husband went stir-crazy on his own. Right! Never mind, I know how to have fun, I just like to plan it around being tuckered out. Anyway, we did go out, everything was nice and then we saw The Drop, a crime movie with Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini and Noomie Rapace.

This movie is a lovely demonstration of subtle foreshadowing. It comes out not so much in the script, which dragged in places and threw in some plot devices that just seemed excessive (I mean, I get the umbrella thing, but...really? Kind of clumsy.) but in the excellent acting. Tom Hardy is a really excellent actor--I've seen him in Inception, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and now The Drop, so I don't have the most comprehensive view of his work, but he's been my favorite thing about all of those. He gives you just enough hints about the depths that at first don't really seem to be there that you're transfixed, waiting for confirmation of what you think he's capable of. When the movie's violence comes, which isn't frequently, it's very effective, and the setting is realistic and well-explained. Plus there's a cute dog,!

And the fun thing--I commissioned some original artwork for Soothsayer a few months ago, and I got it yesterday! It's a picture of Cillian, and it's amazing. I'll show you guys on Tuesday, I just wanted to share the happy:)


  1. Glad you got to have fun, even if you were tired :)
    Cant wait to see Cillian! You do so much for us-thank you so much for that!

    1. Hi Scottie!

      I hope you like the pic, I'm quite enamored myself. It was fun, I definitely recommend the movie if you're in the mood for crime and punishment :)