Friday, June 6, 2014

From Pics To Prompts To Story

Here we go! I'm so excited, thank you for playing along!

A few notes before getting into it: some of these pictures feature recognizable people, but I'm not in this to write fanfic (I love to read it, but I don't write it--I never feel comfortable trying to helm someone else's characters). You're welcome to combine pictures into a single prompt, skip around, provide more than one...go nuts! I may love more than one of the prompts provided, in which case I'll eventually write more than one story, but as it stands I'll pick one to start because I have so much to work on as is.  You can prompt any genre (be creative--just because it looks contemporary doesn't mean it has to be) and add in any stipulations you like, but keep in mind the kind of writer I am. If you want non-con, hmm, probably not going to be my first pick. Same goes with bodily-function kinks, super-heavy angst and YA (because I'm writing a YA right now, and one is more than enough to focus on for me). If I love almost all of your prompt but don't want to follow one particular part, I may chat you up about it.

All the pictures are numbered one to five, and you can leave prompts in the comments section or email me (or leave a comment on Goodreads or ping me on Twitter, whatever works for you, I'm versatile). None of the pics are mine or can be attributed to me, they're all from the wondrous morass that is Tumblr. I'm going to leave the prompting window open until the 16th, ten days from now, which is also my birthday--I'm fiction-gifting myself, yay! This story, whatever it ends up as, will be my follow-up on the blog after The Academy, so don't look for immediate posts.

Without further ado...

Because this guy screams something, I just don't know what...

Why yes, it is a manip of Richard Armitage and Lee Pace, I'm glad you noticed!

You think you've written enough about people with guns, but no...

I've had this on my dash for months and love it, but never figured out exactly why. You should tell me.

He looks like he's going somewhere. Plus, he looks like James McAvoy, so win-win!


  1. OMG! Yay! I am going to write something awesome for you! I am heading out of town today for my 6th wedding anniversary so I might not get it to you before next week but I am SO EXCITED!

    1. Happy Anniversary Tiffany! I suppose I can wait... *taps toe, looks at clock* Is it next week yet?

      Just kidding :)

  2. Ooh, I put mine on GR. Now, I'm going to share this with friends. I hope you get something you love Cari :)

    1. I love it! Two great prompts already, I can feel the "spoiled for choice" sensation coming over me... and thank you for the promo, you are in all ways lovely.

  3. Thinking hat is firmly on :-) Got 370 miles to drive on Tuesday, which should be plenty of time to come up with a Cari-worthy idea...

  4. Picture one prompt-

    Death reaper recently coming back to claim his first souls- the men who killed him. He was a mobster during prohibition.

    Picture two-

    They were lovers in college, until A decided pretending to be straight was the better path. B dated his brother in revenge and it has taken years for A to forgive B for this. Best friends to enemies to old flames rekindled all centered around their small town's 100th anniversary celebration.

    Picture three-

    Gangster that escaped purgatory and now soul jumps between bodies because they deteriorate too quickly for him to stay in for long.

    Picture 4-

    Easy. Snow White updated to be MM but with Voodoo over whatever it was she was supposed to have.

    Picture 5-

    Man with amnesia is hunting for the truth about his family and his past after waking up in a back alley with only those clothes on. Through the clues he finds and the dreams he has, he realizes he's not quite human and finds a young professor of the occult who helps him study and finds out what he is.

  5. 1 a guardian ... not innocent enough to be a pushover ... not dark enough to lead one astray ... sent to watch over a twenty something soul whose greatest threat is himself
    2 brilliant computer scientist has created an holographic likeness of his dead lover
    can he give up the past for a new love and learn to live again with an new colleague
    4 Lucifer manages to return to Eden and escape with fruit from the tree of life ... now to find Adam and tempt him

  6. Last minute panic is always my inspiration.

    1. Through the looking glass. Many generations ago, a headstrong young man (Foreign, Scottish?) decided that he didn't fit in with his time. He loved a man but couldn't have him. So he went to a lake that held a sea witch and made a sacrifice/spell/deal to live forever. But the witch instead makes him live several lifetimes. Each generation he lives and dies as a new person. He retains all of his memories from the previous lives, but he gets a new body/face/life starting from a young boy to an old man. All his jumbled memories are displayed on his body in tattoos, rings, and piercings. And he still hasn't found who he's looking for...

    2. A DEA agent is undercover in a drug ring but falls in love with the major drug lords son.

    3. This is not your average spy. This man blends in with shadows and light. Once betrayed by his boyfriend a long time ago, he swore off love and happiness. So now he can materialize at will and avenge wronged lovers. Boyfriend cheated on you with your sister? This man will hunt them down and punish them. But what if he meets the lover, and things aren't quite what they seem? What if he starts to see grey area in his previously black and white world?

    4. This is a post apocalyptic story. The world has fallen into disaster and his city is constantly being attacked by invaders. The man in the picture is an ambassador who goes beyond the wall to talk to the invaders and offer deals. The strength of the city is starting to fade and they are facing an invasion from a stronger, more powerful ruler. When he meets the leader through the wall, the leader offers him a deal...
    P.S. the apple is made of glass and is an old relic of a better time.

    5. He never stops running after his love. They met in high stakes/high stress conditions and fell in love but were torn apart afterwards. Now he keeps searching out the man and seems to always be a step behind. Chasing down his lover is the only thing he can focus on.