Sunday, March 23, 2014

Random Sadness

It was a strange day today.

I was training at my bjj academy this morning and the only other girl in class--out of about 20 people total--got her knee taken out during a throw.  As in, afterward she lay on the mat unwilling to move and had to be taken out by paramedics on a stretcher with an IV of pain medication going.  It was a scary moment for all of the class, but I think illustrated an important point about this kind of physical training: you need to know how to protect yourself, because you can't count on other people to do it for you.

It wasn't her fault she got thrown, but her foot was planted hard and she didn't have time to take the weight off of it before she was done.  Her partner was a bigger, stronger person who probably could have gone easier, but with more time on the mat she might have realized she was getting into a dangerous position and pulled back sooner.  No one's fault, just a bad accident.  Still, I've been there, and I'm also waaay more careful now about how I endanger my knees.  Two surgeries is enough, thanks very much.  Lesson of the day: look out for number one.

Adding to the weird, the class instructor and I rolled later on and when I tapped him out, he swore at me.  He immediately apologized, saying his head wasn't in the right place, it was his fault, he didn't mean to make me feel bad...which, okay, thanks, but could you not yell at me for making you submit next time?  I already get shit from guys who don't like rolling with a woman, I don't need it from my teacher too.

Just...thoughts.  I like my ju jitsu, I like the club, I like almost all of the other students, but occasionally I'm reminded that maybe not everybody likes me back.

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