Friday, January 24, 2014

Hi, People!

Wow, comments from out of the woodworks, new followers, happy days are here again...what did I do?


I love new people.  New people, new things...I'm prepping some self-publishing stuff, I'm finally getting back to my epic fantasy story (huge thanks to my readerwife, who reminded me it existed), I'm about to finish a long novella with my's a good start to the new year!

But you don't have to be new to have my love either.  All the readers who have stuck with me since time out of are the butter on the bread of my soul.  I wish I had a good gif for that, but you get this instead:

It's hard to stay excited and motivated sometimes when your job is Not Going Well (check), your family is A Little Crazy (check-check, especially with the wedding stuff in the offing) and you've set goals for yourself that might be considered Unrealistic (trying not to check this one).  But you guys do it for me!  You are a source of excitement and motivation, and you make me happy, so...thank you!  And welcome!

Is work over yet?  It's Friday, can't I

Mmkay then.