Friday, January 17, 2014

Chapter One of a new story...


So...for those of you who read my New Year's list of "shit I've got to get done, for the love of Christ", you  might have noticed that I'm coauthoring a lesbian contemporary BDSM novella (so many syllables, my god) with Caitlin Ricci.  The first chapter of that story is posted on KT Grant's website as part of her lesbian fiction appreciation event, split over two days.  Find it here:

Originally it was just a fun little thing that we wanted to do for publicity and, well, because we appreciate lesbian fiction.  Caitlin even made a cover for it:

Then Caitlin, who is a sorceress, got to talking with Less Than Three Press and somehow convinced them, and me, to do a series of short novels all about the two characters that we introduce in this first chapter.  It's so much fun to write, a novelty for me, and I'm looking forward to doing more with it.

So, if you're interested in lesbian fiction, or in my writing, or just curious, follow the link above and check it out.  If you love me for my men only, stay tuned, I've got more of them coming up soon.  And now I have to get some work done before my sister flies in from Chicago so we can start the prep work on her upcoming wedding.  It's not until December, but she wastes no time.  Hopefully I will survive this.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I liked the sneak peek chapter :-) Good work! I've not read a ton of lesbian romance but I think you two are off to a good start. I'd have to read more before I'm totally sold on the chemistry between your main characters though. Then again that is the point of a sneak peek, I suppose. Making readers want to read more. lol

    Have fun wedding planning! If the wedding ends in December and you haven't killed your sister, consider it a smashing success.