Saturday, September 7, 2013

Football, Movies and Novels-To-Be

Hi guys!

Time for a post on something other than serials.  I know, why bother, and yet I must.  Hmm, what have I been up to?

Well, on the advice of a dear friend I found a way to watch the Broncos/Ravens game earlier this week, which, for those of you who don't care about American football and/or have no interest in either team, probably doesn't mean much.  If that's the case, just skip this paragraph.  I'm not a huge football fan (a sin here in Colorado) so all of this wouldn't normally mean all that much for me either, but the game was actually really exciting, what with the rapidly-developing rivalry between the teams, high scores that kept things interesting, and some moments of cocky, jackass stupidity that you had to see to believe.  Oh, Danny Trevathan.  Here's how not to be yelled at by your coach, quarterback and the entire freaking stadium's worth of fans--don't drop the ball at the one-yard line, then prance into the end zone like you've just scored a touchdown. Because you haven't.


Moving on, My man and I went to go see Elysium last week.  It's the new sci-fi movie starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, directed by the guy who's first movie was District 9.  District 9 was an awesome movie, with a great story, well-developed characters and wonderful effects, and I had high hopes for Elysium.

Elysium is no District 9.  Even the cast couldn't save it, and frankly it didn't really seem like they tried that hard.  The setting was great, the special effects were cool and some of the supporting characters were very nearly intriguing.  Far more interesting, actually, than the main characters, who were underdeveloped, with ham-handed backstories replete with overdone symbolism and reasons for doing what they did that either left me rolling my eyes or just not caring.  Nothing gets solved in Elysium.  Not if you stop to think about the way things happen once the credits roll.  Also, the exo-skeleton that seems so important to the story, judging from the promo posters, is really just an excuse for a battle of the semi-superhumans at the end, which I also didn't care about.  I wanted to care.  I just couldn't bring myself to do so.

Last thing: I'm over 40k on the novel that I'm trying to have done by the end of September.  That's 40k in about 13 days.  Why the hell don't I write this fast all the time?  I have no idea, this story is just working out that way.  Hopefully it's not complete dross.  Beta readers, I'm probably going to have to give you this puppy in sections if we want a chance in hell of it all coming together before the due date; expect me to message you soon.

Well, that's that, I think.  I've got writing to do, my man has homework, we had a lovely morning full of controlled violence...blissful!

Happy weekend, darlins.


  1. If you keep up that kind of writing pace, you'll have your novel written in no time at all! I am excited to learn more about it :-)

    Your weekend sounds like its off to a smashing start!

    1. And learn you shall, m'dear. It sounds like your day has been footballicious!