Friday, August 9, 2013

The Last Episode of Cambion Is Out!!! and other updates.

It's here!

*shrieks with satisfaction*

My first serial novel is finally finished, and the sixth and final episode, Find Me, is being released today.  You can find it here:

This is the one that season pass holders will be really happy about, because it includes an extra short story featuring Devon's dads and an extra drawing courtesy of Nathie, my cover artist.  And the drawing is absolute x-rated sexiness, so lots to enjoy there.

The entire season turned out to be a novel of 90k words, two additional stories and the extra artwork.  The fully compiled novel (no clicking from episode to episode) is also available for season pass holders.  It'll be released in December for everyone else.

Hopefully the sales on this will pick up now that the season is complete, because I've got a sequel in the planning stages for next year.  That being said, I'd probably write the sequel even if I didn't make any money, because I hate leaving a story unfinished.  Not that this one isn't finished, exactly, but...well, just read it.  You'll get it.  :)

Now, onto Real Life Stuff!  My folks are arriving tomorrow and will be staying for a week. I will do my absolute best to make sure Love Letters is out on time, but my mother is like a tornado: powerful and impressive, but occasionally highly destructive.  I love her to tears but it's very possible I will be brought to tears by her visit, or at least made to run around frantically for a while, so I can't guarantee anything.

So, happy weekend, darlins, and if all goes well I'll be with you again on Tuesday.


  1. I finished the last episode this morning and OMG...SUCH A FREAKING GREAT STORY!

    I'm glad you are continuing it with a sequel at some point because the possibilities are endless with where it could go next. I loved Devon and Rio and would be seriously depressed if they were never heard from again.

    Congrats on a fabulous (finished) novel!

    P.S.-The bonus artwork this time was ah-mazing! *sigh* Makes me really, really wish I had some artistic talent.

    1. Thank you for going all the way! With the serial, I mean, obviously, um... :) Glad you liked the artwork too, I think Nathie did a great job.