Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Post Entirely Made of Recs

This is my happy Sunday karma post, darlins, my pay-it-forward post.  This is a post of recs for LHNB free stories I've been reading, and I think it pretty much covers the ones I've loved the most.  Why am I reccing just LHNB stories?  Because they're free, basically, and the links I'm providing here lead to their Goodreads pages which have downloads for most of them.  If you're interested, you can get them.

If you're reading as well and agree with some of my choices, or disagree, feel free to let me know.  I haven't read every single story posted for this event (including Kaje Harper's enormous novel Nor Iron Bars A Cage, which is very highly reviewed and I've been meaning to get to) but I have read a lot of them, and here's what's stuck so far.

A.S.H.E.R. by Kallysten, which is a lovely sci fi story involving a realistic robot.  It's fun, fairly light, pretty quick and definitely enjoyable.

Winter Winds by Missouri Dalton, which features a deaf vampire.  I'm not generally a fan of vampires, but she makes this story different enough to be really interesting.

Prisoner 374215 by Angel Martinez, a darker sci fi story that has non-graphic torture, a great but subtle back story and is just generally awesome.  I loved this one.

An Adventure In Beginnings by Alex Whitehall, a slice of life kind of fic with older men as the main characters.  I loved the picture and I really enjoyed the sweet, easy story that came from it.

The Five Times Raptor Messed With The Bull by Xara X. Xanakas, which I rated highly in essence for the intense chemistry between the men and the hot sex scenes.  Highly plotty?  No.  Witty and fun?  Yes.

As He Watches by Finn Marlowe, which is the story done from my own picture and prompt!  And I didn't make it easy, asking for an offbeat power dynamic without specifying BDSM, and Finn totally delivered.

Red by Belinda McBride, which is an amazing, interesting and complicated new take on Little Red Riding Hood that I absolutely have to read more of.  I do love me a twisted fairytale...

When You Were Pixels by Julio-Alexi Genao, which is just UNF!  Tightly plotted, intricate, intimate sci fi with assassins, corporate dystopias and a promise for more.  Holy shit, it's good.  It's that good.

Those are the ones that really jump at me when I look at my "stuff I've read" list.  I hope you've picked some of these stories up, it's a great way to get some excellent free fiction.  Not all of it's excellent, obviously, but enough is that it's completely worth it.

My own story You Get Full Credit For Being Alive was really well received, and I'm now planning a sequel to it.  Hey, enough people asked.  I'm easy that way.

Anyhow, happy Sunday to you all.  More Love Letters on Tuesday if all goes well!


  1. The Five Times Raptor Messed With The Bull is excellent and one of my faves as well.

    I also like Love You So Hard by Tara Lain Cute story that will make you smile but also has smokin' hot sexy times in it.

    Another favorite of mine that's not already on your list is Apartment 1209 by Elizabeth Lister I started reading it thinking I wouldn't like it very much but it was good and most importantly, MEMORABLE!

    I haven't read all of the LHNB stories but I'd say I've read a significant amount of them and there have been several that I know I will read again. There were also some that I started and never finished for one reason or another. :-(

    1. Ooh, I liked both of those. Apartment 1209 is a good one, and Love You So Hard was adorable! And yeah, there have definitely been a few where I DNFed, or was interested and tried to stay interested in, but just couldn't get enough traction with the writing to run with the plot.

  2. Well, I had plans today to be productive, but then I downloaded Nor Iron Bars A Cage... it's now nearly 1am and I really have to get some sleep, but I loved every word.

    1. I particularly love Kaje Harper's free stuff, the one she did last year was amazing too:)