Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Paradise Post #20-B


                Notes: Yay, the honeymoon!  So!  Regular warnings apply here: this is a very explicit chapter, and beyond that, there’s fisting, so if that’s not your thing or is a trigger or you just don’t like the thought of it, skip the second half of this post.  I’m thinking we’ve just got one more post after this, lovers.  Paradise will soon be coming to an end.  But never fear!  I’m plotting out a new serial story for the new year.  More news on that next time.


Title: Paradise


Part Twenty-A: Oh, The Things We’ll Do





                Jonah wasn’t an exhibitionist, but he appreciated the fact that Garrett could be.  Garrett was gorgeous, flirtatious and unabashedly hedonistic, and all of that…all of that energy and passion was Jonah’s now.  Their marriage was a commitment to each other, but it also meant that they were going to have to go deep to figure out how to make each other happy, over and over and over, for the rest of their lives.  When it came to sex Jonah had never done much more than, well, fucking.  Making love, depending on who he was with and what they were doing, but hands and mouths and cocks and…just the body.  Just the other person’s body and his own.

                Jonah knew that Garrett was a lot more used to using technology in the bedroom, or the living room, or the zero-grav room or wherever he happened to be having sex, but this house went beyond a novel location or a new toy.  This house could plunge you right into the realm of different temperatures and electricity and altered states and extravisual stimulation and elastimaterial surfaces and toys…honestly, it was way too much, but Garrett was good at introducing it little by little.

                Like in the pool.  Jonah didn’t even know that there was something other than regular water that you could swim in, but apparently there was, and it existed in this house.

                “Check this out,” Garrett grinned, positioning Jonah in one corner of the pool.  He reached out to the edges and pressed a button on either side, and all of a sudden Jonah was almost completely immobile.  The water felt thick, like he was trapped in clay.

                “Okay?” Garrett asked him.  “Not too claustrophobic?”

                “No,” Jonah said, giving up straining after a moment.  His skin tingled a little, but apart from that the water was still the same temperature and clung to him just as intimately, it just…wasn’t the same viscosity.  “How does this stuff even exist?”

                “Nanotechnology,” Garrett grinned.  “Gotta love it.  And the best thing is, it holds you down because it’s attuned to this part of the pool, but it doesn’t have any effect on me.  Stay here for a second.”  He pulled himself out of the pool and walked out of Jonah’s line of sight.

                “Yeah, ha-ha, like I can go anywhere,” Jonah groused.

                “Aw, baby, don’t be like that.”  Garrett slipped back into the pool, wearing a thin pair of gloves and something over his nose that Jonah actually recognized.


                “The nasal version, because I want to be able to use my mouth,” Garrett told him. 

                “And the gloves?”

                “They have a very particular pulse effect in this kind of water.  Let me show you,” Garrett said with a smile.  He dipped his left hand under the water and made a slight pushing motion toward Jonah.  And the water rippled…and it felt like Jonah’s whole midsection was being gently bombarded by a thousand tiny waves, just barely sharp-edged before they dissipated against his flesh.


                “I know.”  Garrett changed the angle of his hand and slowly snapped his fingers, and a tighter, squeezing sensation crawled up Jonah’s chest and over his nipples before ending at the waterline.


                “And that would be so much fun, but I want to suck you.  If you don’t like anything, just say stop loudly and I’ll hear you.”  Before Jonah could say anything else Garrett sank into the water and leaned forward, moving effortlessly through the liquid until his lips wrapped around Jonah’s cock.

                Jonah hadn’t been hard when the water had locked him into place, and he’d wondered how he’d be able to when his entire body was in stasis, but inside of Garrett’s mouth he could swell and expand.  He groaned at the feel of Garrett’s tongue caressing him, rubbing ruthlessly along his shaft, and he tried to spread his legs wider, then cursed.

                Garrett moved his hands, and frissons of shivering water cascaded up Jonah’s legs and hips, and god he just wanted to twitch away from it, but he couldn’t move.  It wasn’t his favorite, but he wasn’t about to tell Garrett to stop it, either.

                But Garrett knew what Jonah liked better than he could articulate for himself, and the next waves that washed up his body were like slow, rolling embraces, feathering off at the top into a light, pattering touch, and Jonah had no idea how his husband was doing that, but he loved it.

                Garrett kept Jonah’s cock in his mouth, until the head touched the back of his throat and even then, he just hummed and swallowed and made Jonah see stars.  When he did finally pull back to the head with his lips, swirling his tongue in greedy circles, the stillness he was trapped in reminded Jonah that he wasn’t going to be able to move his hips, no matter how hard he tried to.  No thrusting, no reaching down and grabbing, just Garrett having him however he wanted him.  It was a relaxing realization, actually, and Jonah let his head tilt back against the pillow of water behind him and let his husband do what he wanted.

                What Garrett wanted, apparently, was to up the ante.  Jonah felt Garrett’s palm settle between this thighs and then gentle pulses of water started to push upward, pressing rhythmically against his perineum.  It was like a massage, and coupled with the rolling sensation that Garrett was somehow keeping up and the warmth and eager pressure against his cock, it was just about as much sensory overload as Jonah could handle.  He was so hard and ready, but he couldn’t give himself any relief, Jonah knew he was going to be coming on Garrett’s schedule and no one else’s. 

Fortunately, Garrett didn’t like to keep him hanging when he couldn’t hear Jonah begging for release.  He moved his hand again, and this time a gloved finger actually pressed against Jonah’s hole, slowly circling, swirling the water around it, and his other hand wrapped around the base of Jonah’s cock and jacked him fast, the first fast thing he’d experienced since being locked in place.  Jonah groaned a hard exhalation and came slowly, achingly, his balls held in place by the static water, no tight rush to speed things along.

By the time the stars had faded from his vision, Garrett was standing again, the rebreather was gone and he was kissing Jonah hard.  “You’re so good to me,” he said, the words tripping over themselves to get out as they kissed again and again.  “You’ll do anything I want, won’t you?  You’ll do anything I ask of you.”

“Seems that way,” Jonah managed, kissing him back a few times.  “Though I’d kinda like to stretch my shoulders out, darling.”

“Right.”  Garrett hit the buttons again and the hold suddenly released, and Jonah slumped into Garrett’s arms.  “Are you okay?”

“I feel great,” Jonah told him, “but you feel like you could use somethin’, sweetheart.”

“Mm, yeah.”  Garrett kissed him again, then peeled the gloves off and set them next to the rebreather on the side of the pool.  “I could really go for fucking you right now.” 

Jonah stretched lazily, then wrapped his legs around Garrett’s waist.  “Then maybe you should.”

“Oh, I think I absolutely should,” Garrett agreed.  “Did you know I can change the viscosity of this water to be more like a lubricant?”

And then he did.  It was a little hard to hold, but completely worth it.

Sometimes it was like that, strange and new and novel, and other times all Jonah wanted was to be wrapped up under the blankets with his husband, holding onto each other and only each other, no eyes on them, no house watching them, nothing but them.  They got plenty of both of those things over the first two days, a marathon of exhausting, satiating, mind-blowing sex.   

                The last night they were in the house, they went for a compromise, something novel but needing nothing more than the two of them.  For the last night of their honeymoon, Garrett decided he wanted to be fisted.  Tonight there was nothing beyond Jonah’s hand, Garrett’s ass and a hell of a lot of slick, no vibrating gloves or pressure point work.  Nothing but Garrett on his back, and Jonah completely transfixed as his fourth finger slid into his lover’s body.

                “Yesss…” Garrett hissed, arching his back a little.  He wasn’t pulling away but he wasn’t pushing down either, not like he had with the first three, and Jonah waited, patient but trembling with a need he hadn’t even realized existed before now.  He wanted to see it, see all of his hand inside of his husband.  He still couldn’t quite believe that it would all fit in there.

                “You’re sure,” he began, his voice dwindling as he slowly punched his fingers deeper.  Garrett groaned.

                “I’m—yes,” he gasped.  “Yes.  More.”

                “Not yet.”  He was still so tight.  Jonah moved his hand gingerly, pressed a kiss to Garrett’s abdomen and was almost surprised that he couldn’t see the outline of his own fingers beneath him, they felt so deep now.  And they had more to go.  He added more lube, then gently brought his thumb into position and pushed in again.  Garrett shuddered and squeezed his eyes shut.  “God…”

                “Tell me,” Garrett urged him.  “Tell me what it looks like.”

                Garrett was, unsurprisingly, very good at dirty talk.  Jonah didn’t have near the sort of practice his lover had, viewing talking as more of a distraction than anything else, but he could see how hot it got Garrett, and that made him appreciate it more and more.  “Looks so stretched, darlin’…your skin’s so tight around me.”  He pulled his thumb back and rubbed the edge of the tight ring, and Garrett moaned appreciatively.  “Can’t believe you can do this, sweetheart, you’re amazing.”

                “I can take more,” Garrett said, “I can take all of it.  I want all of you.”

                “You sure, darlin’?” Jonah asked, always playing it safe despite his desire to be all the way in. 

                Yes,” Garrett insisted, and that was all Jonah needed.  He tucked his thumb in close, pushed slowly but didn’t stop, not until his knuckles slipped past the ring and his hand, his whole hand, was inside of his husband.  Garrett gasped and clenched tight around his wrist and it was all Jonah could do not to come, untouched, right there.  The way this looked was ridiculously hot to him, and he couldn’t tear his eyes away.  He couldn’t even consider it.

                “You’re so good, darlin’,” Jonah said, leaning in and kissing his stomach, watching avidly as Garrett’s cock responded to the pressure of his whole hand inside of him, the faint twists and turns rubbing constantly over his prostate.  Garrett had gotten a little soft for a minute, but he was coming back now.

                “Just good for you,” Garrett groaned, smiling a little.  “I’m a bitch to everyone else, just ask them.”

                “No you’re not, you’re always perfect.”

                “Love must mean—oh, mm—a short memory.”

                Jonah acknowledged that with an absent nod, but he didn’t stop moving, he couldn’t stop watching Garrett writhe on his hand.  “How d’you feel?”

                “So full,” Garrett said breathlessly, “and I know it’s already enough but I want more, I wish you could put your dick in me and fuck me with that at the same time.  I want to feel you inside of me all the time, I never want you to go.  I want you to fuck me until I’m loose and empty and helpless and then I want you to do it again, I want you to use me for everything you need.”

                “Yeah?”  Very slowly, Jonah curled his fingers together into a fist, and then he rubbed the knobs of his knuckles right across Garrett’s prostate.  His husband’s eyes widened and his mouth opened, and the sound that came out was so low and pitiful someone might have thought he was dying if he hadn’t been coming all over his chest.  That view, Garrett wide-eyed and helpless, was enough to send Jonah over the edge and he with just one stroke of his hand over his cock he came as well, across the foot of the bed.

                Getting out was another slow and careful affair, but after a few minutes they were both clean, tired and Garrett was using Jonah as a body pillow.  “So,” Garrett said sleepily, “are you ready to go back to reality?”

                “Don’t suppose we have much of a choice,” Jonah replied.  “And I am ready to see Cody.  Think he missed us?”

                “What, in between the bouts of outrageous spoiling that everyone is lavishing on him?  Maybe,” Garrett said.  “But I’m betting he didn’t miss us while he was riding around in a tank.”

                “You think he’s gonna do okay, adapting back to a normal life?”

                “He’ll do fine.  Cody is pretty happy wherever he ends up.”  Garrett tilted his head up and caught Jonah’s gaze.  “Will you?”

                “I’ll be fine,” Jonah grinned.  “I like our new normal.”


  1. Well, I have to say I'm sad Paradise is coming to an end because you KNOW how much I love Garrett, Jonah and Cody. This was a great chapter, and it felt like a honeymoon after all the drama the guys have gone through. But I'll be looking forward to whatever you write for us.

    1. I'm happy you've stuck with me, girl:) I hope the next story will be as interesting. I will be sorry to say goodbye to my boys, but there's always potential for more in the future.

  2. Excellent chapter as always! I am sad that this story is wrapping up but I feel like our heroes are in a good place in their lives :-)

    I am SO looking forward to the next serial! Hooray!

    1. I'm looking forward to it too! In part because I'm trying to read the future and figure out what I'm going to decide to do retrospectively! Harder than it looks. Expect an email:)

  3. A couple days ago, I read the entire Paradise series in one sitting. It was glorious, and I miss the guys already. The idea of the honeymoon house was very inventive, probably prophetic and a little scary. Great job, sister.

    1. Wow, way to dedicate! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'd love to spend some time in that honeymoon house. Thanks for reading:)

  4. Oh my god! This is fantastic! You are definitely very...creative ;) loved this chapter! I am soooo gonna miss these boys. Your publisher is going to love you, all this originality and creativity!