Sunday, April 8, 2012

Most Awkward Holiday Explanation

Hi guys!

The Cinders post is coming asap, swear, but it's been a while since giving you anything and Easter is making me surprisingly nostalgic for Togo.  Easter is the big Christian celebration over there, as opposed to Christmas, and so naturally we were invited to partake.  That meant going to church for 5 hours, but at least their choir's rhythm section was amazing. 

In return, we tried to explain some American Easter traditions.  We got out our egg-dyeing kit (a gift from home), persuaded them to boil and decorate eggs with us, and then to hide them.  The dyeing was okay, but the hiding?  Why on earth would we want to hide perfectly good food?  This led to us trying to explain the Easter bunny and more, which was an utter failure.  Keep in mind, none of us had good French.

"So, there's this rabbit, the Easter Bunny."

"And he delivers Easter baskets, which are mostly full of candy and chocolate--"

"Why would a rabbit do such a thing?"

"Um, I'm not sure of the exact reason, really..."

"Is it a Godly rabbit?"

"I don't think so, no."

"So this is pagan, then?"  (Not that most people cared, they have their own pagan traditions)

"Well, kind of.  Our kids like it."

"Ah.  What else does this rabbit do?"

"Not much.  He delivers the baskets...and chicks are involved somehow..."

"Wait, do they come out of the colored eggs we hide?"


"Resurrected like Jesus Christ?  Are there chicks in these eggs?"

"God, I hope not. know what, just ignore the chicks.  Focus on the bunny."

"The rabbit that gives children chocolate..."

"That's the one."

"You Americans are so strange."

Yeah, the Tooth Fairy concept didn't go over so well either.  At least we tried, although none of the dyed eggs ever got hidden.  They just got eaten.


  1. Brilliant! XD I often wondered if anyone else was as mystified by the traditions as I am, and I grew up with them! *laughs*

    I can just imagine you trying to explain all this in broken French. ^_^

  2. Hi K!

    Yes, there was much handwaving involved. Halloween was another doozy, although they have the French version of April Fool's Day, strange enough.