Monday, July 11, 2011

Review for Shadowed

Jenre, at her aptly-named Well Read blog, has reviewed my novella Shadowed.  This is a squee-causing event, and as such deserves a post with a link for the interested:  Shadowed review

Here's a taste of said review:  Those readers who liked Treasured are going to like this book too. It gives us an opportunity to delve deeper into the relationship with Daniel and Rhys as well as seeing some of Rhys' background. There's a good mix of emotion and action in the story coupled with some interesting paranormal ideas. Overall, I would recommend Shadowed with a grade of 'Very Good', and I'm really looking forward to more from these great characters.

Aww, thanks!  I hope to write more for them.

As noted, Shadowed is the sequel to an earlier story, Treasured, and things are brought up in the review that remind me that there's still a lot of back story to resolve, and so I'd better get on it.  Hopefully Pink Petal Books will contract me for a third installment.  If you're looking for an intro to the body of work that is my fictional existence, I think this series is a fun way to go.  You can get it here:

And just as a reminder...

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  1. Great review, well done! How is moving going? Have you gone? Are you settling in? Keep us posted. :)