Sunday, July 24, 2011

2 Years Stuffed In A Duffel Bag

The end is nigh.  We're packing our house up, cleaning everything for the next volunteer and getting ready to leave our little town for Pagala, a village in the middle of the country where we'll be teaching at a girls' science camp for the first week of August.  Then it's off to Lome for our close of service interviews, over the border to Ghana and poof!  Back to America!

This post is mostly to let you know I will be without any means of communicating with you for a week in August, but that I'll definitely give you another chapter of Pandora before losing my source of blessed internet.  Did you know Boulder, where I'm going, has free Wifi for all within city limits?  WTF!?!  What kind of crazy technological world is this! 

We've rented a car.  Five seats, and we have to fit ourselves, 2 huge duffel bags, a dog in his crate, two bikes, water filters and a gigantic barrel (which we're using to make a biogas generator at camp, not for the squeamish) inside/on top.  Oh, and the driver.  Daunting?  Not at all!  This is Togo, where cars routinely look like slow-moving mushrooms that someone half-tried to kick over.  They list.  They veer.  They wobble precariously, and we're going to help in continuing that fine tradition in our last voyage south.  It brings tears of nostalgia and terror simultaneously to my eyes.

More Pandora soon!  I think we're over half done with it now.  Holy jeez.

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  1. What an exciting time and scary time! I hope you have safe travels and that your tilting mushroom car doesn't actually tip over ;-) I'm currently on vacation myself from Tennessee to the lovely Florida coast. About 5 hours into our drive down my husband and I got a call from a friend who is house sitting for us and discovered that we forgot one of our suitcases back in TN. My husband jokes that we were trying to travel leaving our clothes behind. At least we had all of our beach wear in a separate bag...that's all that really matters in Florida anyhow. Hehe At least it will make a great vacation story to tell our as yet non-existent children someday :-)