Friday, June 17, 2011

New Release: Wild Passions Anthology

Today is the release of Storm Moon Press' Wild Passions anthology, to which I am a very happy contributor.  Here:  have a beautiful cover!

and a link to their website:  Storm Moon Press

This is my first publication with Storm Moon Press but hopefully not my last.  I'm set to release my short story contribution, Opening Worlds, as an individual e-book later this year, and we're hoping for a novel based on the world for next year.  All of which rocks my world.

Not tempting enough yet?  Try a snippet, I hear they taste delicious.


“You’re avoiding the dining room.”

“I’m not.”

“Yes,” Florence said slowly, drawing out the vowel, “you are. You never invite people to your place these days; I get that. You’re not under any obligation to. But it’s only courteous to check on your passengers and accept some of their invitations to dinner. You’ve been holed up in your room or on duty for the past three cycles.”

“I’m busy.”

“A captain is always busy,” Florence said philosophically. “But that doesn’t stop him from doin’ what he’s gotta do.”

“At what point did you make yourself my social secretary, Flo?”

“When you started acting all weird,” she replied. “C’mon, come to dinner with me tonight. I’ll take the Perels, I’ve got a standing invitation to their table. You can hang out with some lovely, normal humans and be dashing and friendly and make people happy.”

“All that?”

“All that in one simple evening.” She spread her hands. “Amazing how it’s all coming together, like fate. You’re such a brilliant multi-tasker.”

“Don’t push it, Flo.”

“Perry’s got the bridge,” Florence said with a fast subject change. “Are you going to wear your uniform to dinner?”

“Of course.”

“Should I?”

Jason made a face. “Are you asking my fashion advice? Really? What have I ever done that makes you think I would be a good person to ask about what to wear?”

“You always look good.”

“I’m always in uniform,” he reminded her.

“Yeah, well, it so works for you.”

Jason shook his head. “I’ll see you at dinner, Flo.”

“Got it, sir.”


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