Friday, June 17, 2011

Aww, nice review for Wild Passions!

Wow, super fast reviews up and there are lovely things to say!  It pays to go trolling sometimes.

Alex at the Creative Whimsy blog posted a review of Wild Passions.  Here's the link:  But let me transcribe the bit about my story.

Opening Worlds by Cari Z

In this futuristic space story, there aren't so much animals as aliens, but the important parts all work the same. This well-written story explores sex vs. love, the different social requirements of different planet societies, and the individual's required duties to society. This story made my chest ache with the longing that the narrator felt and it was superbly constructed. While the end may be considered to "work out too perfectly," I found it good--especially since the alternative would have made me cry. I think if this had been a novel, the author would have explored things more in depth, but as it stands, the ending worked. This was one of my favorites.

Thanks, Alex.  Glad you liked it.

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