Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Galley

I just got the galley in for my short story The Wild Hunt, which will be in a Dreamspinner antho next month.  I love galleys.  They look so sharp, and yet I have the safety blanket of knowing that it's not too late to change something if I really need to.  Plus they make me feel vaguely nautical.

I've also got a short story coming out with Torquere next month, called State of Mine.  It's a vampire story, which I never really thought I'd do but figured out fast that if I answered calls for submission, I would be doing.  It's also got psychics and mind control and Seattle as an undead paradise.  I'll get some excerpts up soon for both stories, so as to render my posts more alluring.  Excerpts, the equivalent of a scanty negligee and a glass of champagne.  Or, you know, a paddle and a blindfold.  Depending on the person.

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