Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Rivalries news and a Vella update

 Hi darlins!

So, I've nailed down where I want Rivalries to go and, yeah, there's at least 20k more there, so buckle up buckaroos! I'm feeling a lot better about it now and will have fresh, delicious content for you starting in May.

Speaking of content...so Amazon is rolling out Kindle Vella, which is basically their effort to get into the serial fiction market before they're completely outpaced. I'm going to give it a try with a few different stories: Magical Hazmat, a UF that I worked on for YEARS and am finally just going to publish myself, a potentially coauthored, modern steampunk m/m adventure/romance, and...Bonded.

Yep. It's time. But it can't be available on a free platform if I'm going to publish it on Kindle Vella. So if you're interested in reading it before I take it down in June, DO SO NOW! You can still find it on Literotica, but not for long, so yeah, jump on that!


  1. YAAAAAY!!!! I’m so glad you decided to embrace the potential in “Rivalries.” May is gonna be fun thanks to those guys!

    1. You're a big part of the reason! I was like, "Wait, Gee is right, I could..."