Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! + movie reviews

Hi guys!

Yay, it's that day of love and sex and abject consumerism. Hey, I'm not objecting; this day is also my anniversary, because you know who forgets Valentine's Day? Nobody, that's who, including my man. Only this Valentine's Day he's stuck working on homework after a morning out and about, so I got him some flowers and chocolates and he promised to take me out later this week. Win-win!

And because it's Valentine's Day, and because the perfect new movie for the day just premiered, naturally we went and saw...Kingsman!

Of course we went and saw Kingsman--you couldn't pay me to sit through 50 Shades. Kingsman was exactly the sort of movie I love: irreverent, funny, clever, and full of badass men and women (I appreciated that the women were more than props, both the main ladies rocked completely as far as I was concerned). The fight scenes, especially Colin Firth's in the church--yes, fighting in the church, this isn't exactly a spoiler but it is probably the best part of the movie--were both ridiculously over the top and completely awesome. This is a cheesy, delightful, sexy, fantastic movie. And did I mention it has Colin Firth looking goddamn incredible?

My honey and I also went and saw Jupiter Ascending the other day...which...hmmkay, you know how some movies are so awful that they swing around and become good? This movie is not quite that. It's not good, there are plot holes you could pilot a spaceship through (literally, they do this several times, oh those plot holes, so convenient) and the acting is...well, just goddamn. They could have done better. It feels like they should have done better, except how could they when the script was so bewilderingly awkward? The best thing about Jupiter Ascending was, honest to god, the fact that Sean Bean's character survived. That and the visual effects, which were genuinely stunning.


At any! I've got a new release on Monday that I'll chat up later (but if you want to know more now, go here for some really excellent BDSM stories, and I'm not just saying that): I've got a vignette to write this weekend, a few other stories to look at (yes, Bath, I'm looking at you;) and friends from Tennessee in for a few days, so life is busy. 

Happy V-Day, darlins :)


  1. The church scene got such flack (heh, pun intended) in the reviews here! And I loved the confrontation afterwards... Perfect date movie, I reckon :-)

    1. And, not intending to see it, I was genuinely interested to know whether Sean makes it to the end of JA :-)

    2. It was the perfect date movie, I loved it. And I was so pleased that Sean lived. JA is a very flawed movie, but it does have moments of worthiness. Plus I love my sci fi, so I had to see it.