Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July!

Happy Birthday America!

And I realize, with shame, that I missed our northern neighbor's national day of partying, so Happy Canada Day too!

Oh, I'm on vacation now and it's so sweet. I don't go back to work until Wednesday, we're going into the mountains tomorrow, we get fireworks is good. Much better than yesterday's life, which was filled with uncertainty. Nothing like time and a few very relevant tweets to give you perspective.

Anyway, this is just me saying Happy Independence day to my fellow Americans, and happy weekend to everyone else. I'll have more Academy on Tuesday (finally explanations, FINALLY) and I also got an idea for a 1920's gangster story set in San Francisco courtesy of a call from LT3, so that should be fun to think about. I mean, the suits alone are enough to sell me.

Plus finishing epic fantasy (I keep saying that, arg arg arg), plotting out and writing my military men story (I went with the Army Rangers, because my daddy was one--love you Dad!), plotting Soothsayer (the winner of the prompt contest) and researching, researching, researching. Good times.

PS--for those of you who are Goodreads M/M romance group members, if you've been waiting to read my Love's Landscapes story, you should start checking soon. Just throwing that out there.


  1. Am checking every morning! One of the perks of living on holiday right now - t'internet time before breakfast with no trains to dash for :-)

    1. Fabulous! Then you shall not be disappointed, unless you don't care for the story, which--always possible. You've been really consistent with reading and rating the LL event, though, I always like to check in and see where you placed them.

  2. Enjoy your vacation!!! I'm currently back in TN farm country and enjoying the most beautiful July 4th weather I can ever remember. Such a lovely holiday all around!