Sunday, May 5, 2013

Iron Man 3

So, I went and saw Iron Man 3 with my man yesterday.  

Okay, while I've got to say that I'm a fan of superhero movies in general, this one was especially good!  Way better than the second one, where I felt like people were talking over each other too much and hard to follow.  Tony Stark is expectedly amusing and irreverent, the special effects are stellar, the story is pretty good and some of the supporting cast is truly excellent.  Of course, some of them are one-dimensional and kind of suck too, but it happens.  I never paid much attention to the Marvel Universe before the movies started coming out, but there is so much content for screenwriters and directors to draw from that they're really spoiled for choice, and they made some really good decisions with this film, particularly with regards to The Mandarin.

If you're looking for a fun, exciting movie to go and see that will leave you satisfied but not overwhelmed, this is a good choice.  I don't want those hours of my life back, as I have with several other special-effects heavy movies I've seen lately (I'm looking at you, GI Joe.  Yes, in the words of the immortal Henry Rollins, you are a time-murderer).  There you go, darlins.  

More Love Letters on Tuesday, and another snippet of my LHNB story soon (I'm almost done with the thing, we're going to clock in between 35 and 40k I think).

Happy Sunday:)


  1. Ah! Am so looking forward to watching this, glad to know that it sounds like exactly like what I needed it to be lol :D

    Will have to look in on your snippet! Am only posting my first one today, feel like I'm lagging behind everyone else lol.

    1. It will make you happy. This movie is a happy-maker. And yes, the new snippet is up, go enjoy! Please, so I don't feel horribly awkward about posting something and getting no hits on it!