Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cinders Posted To Literotica

Okay, shorty post number 2!

I cleaned up and posted Cinders as one long story to Literotica, and it went up today.  If you enjoyed it and want to read it again, if you like to vote or leave comments, or maybe if you missed it when I posted it here and want to check it out for the first time, you can find it here:

What's Cinders about?  Hum, well, I wanted to twist up a fairytale and redo it in my own way, so I took Cinderella,

made her into a Chinese American boy, put him on the streets of San Francisco,

gave him a terrible backstory and a boyfriend, then magically swept him off to fifteenth century France (or thereabouts)
and made him slave for his wicked stepmother and stepsisters in an oddly cartoonish/Cubist/nightmarish world, with only the help of a mouse for a sidekick and, eventually, his very fabulous fairy godmother,

and then he finally figures out how to get to the ball and break the spell holding him in the fairytale by the stroke of midnight, and returns home to San Fran and his worried lover.  There's even a missing shoe worked in there.
So!  Something to think about on this lovely Sunday.  Have a great end to your weekend, darlins:)

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