Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cool Sh*t!

Let's start with the shit that I want to give you:)  By unanimous decision (2 whole votes plus me = a majority) I'm going to so an ebook for The Captain series first.  Yay!!!

Gotta love us some Age of Sail, Napoleonic-era, Trafalgar-glorifying sea battle action!  Historical fiction, obviously:)  This is the first story I ever wrote for public consumption and I've had it up in three parts on Literotica for years, but I'm going to edit them more nicely together and get the grammar mistakes out before offering it up to you in ebook form.  Hopefully this will be out before the end of the month, it's my first time putting something like this together.

Other stuff I have coming up...more Paradise (soon, swear, my computer works!  It's ALIIIIIVE!!!), I'm working up a serial story concept that may be offered in the new year, a Winter Fae story in an anthology coming out in December, and a free story in an SMP anthology with a legal theme before the year is out.  Plus my mind is never, ever silent, so there are lots of things that could happen in the near future. 

And lastly, some personal cool shit: while my man and I still aren't moved into our house (I'm sort of thinking it may never happen at this point, but whatever, my cousin's couch is formed around the shape of me at this point) I'm going to go to a writing conference this next weekend.  Three days of writing seminars, huzzah, plus a query review and a pitch session.  Which is awesome!  Hopefully I'll come out of it better prepared to do the thing I'm trying to make into my career.  How freakishly adult of me.

Happy Sunday, guys.


  1. Hooray!! Excited for all the cool things happening for you :-) Looking forward to the ebook and more Paradise but HOW AWESOME that you're going to a writing conference!!!! When you get back you'll have to give us all the details. I am sure you will learn SO much!

    1. Hey darlin!

      Details will be entirely dependent on whether or not I made a fool of myself:) On a scale of 1-5, one being "Hideously Embarrassed" and 5 being "Assured and Competent," if I strike out as a 2 or below, I will keep my shame to myself.

  2. So when you hit up the conference, what kind of author will you define yourself as?!
    And if you do embarrass yourself, at least you'll be memorable... Short of splitting your pants or some sort of body malfunction, what's the worse that can happen?

    ps I like the politics of THE MAJORITY OF THREE. (Upper case lettering seemed appropriate)

    1. I'm trying to break into mainstream urban fantasy, so I'll be billing myself that way as opposed to "moderately out there erotica scribe."

      And the mind boggles, darlin. It BOGGLES over what could go wrong. Don't tempt me to muse on it.

      And hell yeah, majority of three! Good enough for me.

  3. Good luck with your pitch session tomorrow (or Sunday), and it was awesome to eat dinner with you tonight. Hopefully run into you tomorrow!

    1. Tammy, you came to visit! It was lovely to meet you as well. I'll catch up with you today.