Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lazy weekend, what to do?

It's been a glorious day of power lounging so far. I've been banging on one project or another interminably for a while, so to have a day to power lounge almost makes me feel guilty.  Like I should be hammering out the next part of Cinders (which I should, I know, but that story can be kind of fragile) or writing another novel or something.  Something, surely.  Instead my pressing stuff is off with beta readers, my current stuff is coming at its own pace and I don't have an immediate deadline.  Which I hate.

I was a world-class crammer in college.  I didn't even give all-nighters the dignity of taking all night: I woke up whenever my anxiety forced me out of slumber and burned the test material into my brain in however many hours were left before that class, that day.  It worked for me.  Deadlines work for me now, but giving them to myself just feels facetious.  I mean, if you can't screw your own self over and expect forgiveness, who can you screw over?

What I need is another anthology to submit to.  One with an air of excitement and a pressing deadline.  That tears it, I'm off to look around.  In the meantime, to assuage my guilt, let me assure you that May is absolutely going to be a whirlwind of activity, with at least two new releases.  I'm readying my LiAW story for submission, and getting ready to write a two-parter that revolves around a changeling in the courts of the Winter and Summer fae.  Plus more Cinders should be out this week, with finally, finally, some explicit smut.  I just need it.

Happy weekend, people.  I hope yours are as soothingly languorous as mine.  :)

And btw, to the people who are checking this blog out from other countries: rock on!  Hi, Russian and Romania and Taiwan!  Who the heck are you wonderfully multi-lingual people?


  1. Good for you for having a lounging day! I had one of those myself today, but for quite different reasons. I have missed the last two posts of your blog because I've been busy (unconcious counts as busy, right?) recouperating from a small surgery I had last week. Today is the first day I have been pain Med free and moving around and it has been tough. So my short bursts of activity today have been followed by numerous cat naps and periods of rest. Now that I am getting my stamina back I have to catch up on what I missed with this blog before I have to be back at work on Monday.

    Glad you had an enjoyable day. Don't work too hard!

  2. OMG, girl. Small surgery? This is practically a contradiction of terms. That's it, I'm sending you a get-well-soon present. And for the love of love, don't rush back to work too soon.