Friday, March 17, 2017

So, that sickness thing...

Being sick as a dog has been no fun, but now that I've been to the doctor and have better living through chemistry on my side, as well as a positive assessment of my health, I feel like I can pass on: I've got all-day morning sickness. Because, yay, I'm a little over 10 weeks pregnant!

I didn't want the word to get out before I'd been to see my doctor, but there was no hiding the fact that I was so sick some days I couldn't actually stand up, much less make it to work or focus on my writing--I couldn't even focus on my computer screen for more than fifteen minutes at a time. I'm hoping with the help of some anti-nausea meds, that'll change really fast for me and I can get back to storifying.

So, that's some of my good news. That story excerpt I gave you Thursday--Dreamspinner accepted the novel for publication in Sept/Oct, which is awesome, so I'll pass on more details to you asap! Also, Where There's A Will is a finalist in both the EPIC and Foreword INDIE awards, so I'm incredibly pleased by that. I'll let you know if I win.



  1. Congratulations!! Good news on all fronts!

  2. congratulation!! I'm sitting on the couch with my boyfriend watching TV and I punched the air when I read your message. I had to explain what's going on. lol

    So happy that it's good news. Also congrats that your story was accepted for publication, AND two finalists!! ;D

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    1. Thanks, I'm very pleased. I mean, obviously, but... ;)