Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Redstone Ch. 13, Pt. 2

Notes: Wyl and Robbie figuring stuff out! Go boys go. I'm trying to NaNo, trying to pack and move, trying to adjust to my new client load--I feel a kinship with our guys lately, what can I say? Anyway, enjoy, and please don't curse me out at the end, it had to be like this! I was too tired to keep writing!

Title: Redstone Chapter 13, Part 2.

Wyl was feeling…antsy. It was the kind of feeling he got right before he either did something crazy or something athletic, and unfortunately the only person he wanted to be athletic with right now was working another insanely long shift in the prison. Wyl could have gone out, but his tormentors seemed to be ever-present, and despite having ZeeBee with him Wyl wasn’t quite sure he felt safe enough to tempt fate. The chances were too good that one of these guys would make a wrong move and he’d respond badly, and end up getting himself or Robbie, or both of them, thrown into the Pit.

No, going out wasn’t the answer right now, and doing so would have worried Robbie anyway. Wyl felt like his brain was running in circles, though, considering the problems laid on him by Tamara and, therefore, by Garrett and wondering if he was going to be able to deliver. He always delivered, always, but this time he just wasn’t sure how to manage it.

It wasn’t the mechanism for getting into the office, or even cracking into Harrison’s private data files. Wyl was a mechanic at heart but he had the mind of a hacker, always upgrading his work with the latest and greatest electronics. He had figured out how to make a pocket-sized warp machine, for fuck’s sake. If he could bend space-time to his will, there was no way a little thing like a locking mechanism was stopping his device. (So what if the thing he’d sent through his little warp machine had never come back out, the point was that he’d done it.) He’d already put something together that cracked the coded entrance to his own room, and on the cryptographic interface he’d been fiddling with for his next personal hovercycle. No problems.

No, there were two problems. One was the issue of connecting with Tamara. This wasn’t just software, it was hardware, and as small as it was, he still had to find a way to physically hand it off to her. The warden was rigorous about keeping the various parts of his resident populations separate, and try as Wyl might, there were just too many layers of bureaucratic and metallic bullshit to cut through to get to Tamara’s part of the prison. He’d be stopped too easily, unless he figured out a way to take out everyone in a position of oversight and control, which was the next problem.

How did he clear the way for Tamara? It wasn’t enough to give her a device that would get her access; he had to make it so she could use it without being found out. There were no computer ports in this part of the facility with that kind of reach, and the best bet for erasing all signs of her coming and going—namely, Harrison’s computer—was exactly the place she had to get to unseen before being able to wipe all signs of herself. It was a classic chicken and egg scenario, and in this case neither of them was going to be coming first anytime soon.

“Okay, fine.” One problem at a time. Wyl got up and began pacing. It wasn’t riding a hovercycle at five hundred kilometers an hour, or making love to Robbie until he thought his bones were going to dissolve, but it was something to do with himself. “First issue: how do I meet up with Tamara. ZeeBee, ask me that question?”

“How do you meet up with Tamara?”

“It can’t be due to a blackout. Even if I could figure out how to take out all of the observers in this place, human and machine, I need to save that for her to use later. Once is an accident, twice is sabotage. Ask again.”

“How do you meet up with Tamara?”

Wyl rubbed his hands together as he thought about it, callouses catching on each other. “We need a reason to be in the same place. Somewhere we’re both allowed to be. Where in the prison can we both be? Ask me.”

“Where in the prison can you both be?”

“Well…the prisoner part of the prison. I guess. But that’s a bad choice.” Wyl shook his head. “The Pit’s out of the question. Ask again.”

“Where in the prison can you both be?”

“Hmm…emergency escapes routes, in case the prison has to be evacuated?” Wyl considered it, then huffed dejectedly. “But that’ll cause a panic and increase surveillance, not decrease it. Ask again.”

“Where in the prison can you both be?”

“Other emergency services…like…the infirmary.” Oh, yes. It suddenly clicked in Wyl’s head, and he grinned fiercely. “That’s it. We need to be in the infirmary at the same time. Small place like this, it probably has a central room we can interact in, or at the very least I can stow something for her there to pick up later. We need to be in the infirmary. I’m going to have to fake an injury.” He grimaced. “Or get a real injury. Fuck.” Well, maybe he could hurt himself with one of his tools. Only he needed it all to be above board, not the sort of thing that Warden Harrison could use as an excuse to come into their room and go through their belongings for. The last thing Wyl needed was that man finding the incredibly illegal equipment he’d smuggled in here. “Robbie’s not going to be happy.”

“Why won’t I be happy?”

“Holy shit!” Wyl whirled around and gaped at his husband. “How the fuck did you get in here so quietly?”

“You were talking to yourself,” Robbie pointed out with a little smile. He looked tired, the lines around his eyes and next to his mouth deeper than Wyl was used to seeing. The gray in his short hair that usually looked so distinguished seemed to make him look older now, uncomfortably so, and he moved like a man who felt every long year of his life. “You never pay much attention to anything else when you’re in the middle of a monologue.”

“I wasn’t monologuing, I was talking to ZeeBee,” Wyl said. “And you won’t be happy because,” and he didn’t want to bring the real reason up right now and see Robbie’s fatigue deepen, so instead, “I’m going crazy trying to figure out how to get Tamara into Harrison’s office without being seen, or heard, or interfered with in any way either before or after. I can give her the tools to wipe herself from the system once she’s in, but getting there in the first place?” He grimaced. “For all I know, Harrison sleeps at his fucking desk.”

“He might, he always seems to be around,” Robbie said absently. “He’s the reason I’m off early, actually, something about me having poor vital signs. I’m fine,” Robbie added when Wyl’s fingers twitched toward him, “just tired. But you’ve got a point.”

“I know.” Wyl ran a hand through his dark hair, frustrated with himself. “I don’t like Tamara being the one to do this, but if things go to hell she’s got a better chance of weathering it than I would if I were the one caught. Not to mention she doesn’t want me babying her. But I can’t figure out how to get past this hurdle, and if I can’t do it…” He shrugged helplessly.

Robbie sat down on their tiny couch and looked up at the ceiling for a moment. “We need it not to matter if Harrison sleeps at his desk,” he murmured. “We need it not to matter if someone’s in the observation room. We need to immobilize people where they stand.”

“Yeah, and if you’ve got a way of doing that then you’re smarter than I am, because I’ve been thinking about this for hours and I still have no fucking clue.”

“The gas. The gas that’s used on the prisoners.” Robbie picked his head up and smirked at Wyl. “We need to make it so the gas can circulate through the rest of the prison. The ventilation system can be controlled via the infirmary, from what I understand.”

Oh, for fuck’s sake… “You just figured that out? Right now?”

“Don’t feel too bad,” Robbie said, only slightly smug. “The guards talk about the gas system a lot. They really like getting to set it off. It leads to a lot of very creative betting, apparently.”

“Do you actually think we could get the gas into the rest of Redstone?”

Robbie shrugged. “This rock constantly recycles its air. They scrub it after a gassing, but then they put it right back into the main system again. I’m sure there’s a way to make it so that the scrubbers don’t turn on. We just have to make sure Tamara isn’t affected.”

“You are so smart,” Wyl said to him seriously. “You are smart and sexy and you might have just solved a major problem for all of us and I really want to suck your dick right now.”

Robbie blinked. “I feel like I should say something romantic, but I’m too tired to come up with anything better than ‘okay.’”

“That works for me,” Wyl said, and he dropped down to his knees and crawled over to the couch, only pausing to say, “ZeeBee, discrete mode.”

“Discretion activated.” The green glowstrip went dull and dark, and Wyl focused all his attention on Robbie, settling between his knees and pressing a kiss to the inside of his thigh. “Now…”

Robbie started to laugh. It was tired laughter, but it was genuine. “Oh my god, you’re serious.”

“I never joke about blowjobs.”

“I guess not.” He took Wyl’s hands in his and tugged him up until Wyl was straddled over his waist. “But if we do this here I’m going to fall asleep on the couch instead of our bed, and I don’t want that.”

Was Wyl hearing this right? “You’re…turning down my lips wrapped around your cock?”

Robbie kissed the side of his neck. “Only on the couch, baby. Let’s go to bed, then you can wrap your lips around my cock for as long as you want.”

“So romantic,” Wyl teased right back.

“I learned from the best,” Robbie told him.

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