Sunday, October 11, 2015

Riptide's 4th Anniversary!

Hi guys,

So, this month is Riptide Publishing's 4th Anniversary, and they've got sales going and various blog posts with giveaways going and all sorts of stuff happening. So if you want to enter to win free books for a year, or get the link for the playlist I put together for the first two Panopolis books (which are now a bundle, and discounted, and awesome) then visit me on the Bookaholics blog here:

It's a particularly nice time to introduce you to Panopolis, city of Heroes and Villains and everything in between, because I just finished the third book in the series. It's a full novel, not a novella like the others, and will be coming out next year. I think it turned out pretty damn well, honestly :) We'll see what my betas and editors think.

Lets see, other news...well, by this time next week I might be a homeowner! I'll let you know if everything goes well. As for upcoming releases, I've got a coauthored short story called Worth the Wait coming out with Dreamspinner this December, a republication/reworking of my western/shifter novella Dangerous Territory coming out in January from LT3, and then novels in February, April and May, which I'll talk more about soon. Busy times! I hope your own October is on a trajectory that makes you happy, too.

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