Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Karmic Whiplash

First things first: I'm so sorry, this isn't a Redstone post. I hate getting behind on these, but my life is so busy at the moment I genuinely don't have time to dedicate to writing a chapter this morning and making it anywhere near decent. Normally I'd write it early if I know I'm going to be busy on posting day, but that wasn't possible this week.

Why? Lemme 'splain you a thing.

I think everything that could happen just decided, "Hey, it seems like a busy time for her and her man, let's jump on that bandwagon!" Two weekends ago, we were heading back from looking at houses (more on that in a minute) and ended up getting into a car accident with a teenager who decided to do an unsignalled U-turn in the middle of the highway. We clipped her bumper, there were no injuries, but insurance declared my man's car totaled. It sucks, he has a great car, old but super low mileage, so now we have to work around that.

We decided to make an offer on a house we liked on Friday, right before we headed out of town for knife camp. Cue lots of paperwork, signing and running around like the proverbial beheaded chicken. We went up to knife camp and focused on kicking ass for three days, which we excelled at ;) I won a gorgeous custom acid-etched knife, which is my precious, don't touch my precious.

Then we came back to town early Monday morning and went to work. The realtor called at 10 to let me know our offer had been accepted (we wrote a letter to the seller about how awesome we are and why we were the best people to buy their house, no joke), and yay! But also holy shit, so much paperwork, everything but my blood type and I'm not even sure that's off the table yet. We have inspections to schedule, tests to pay for, finances to reveal, and that's just the beginning.

Additionally, my year-end review at work is scheduled for this Friday. I'm not worried about that, but I do have prep work to do to prepare for it, not to mention re-certifying in First Aid and CPR. So there's that as well. I'm sorry, darlins, I really am. If I can write a chapter and give it to you later this week, I will, but I sincerely doubt I'll have time for much of anything story-related until next week.

Thank you for your patience, guys. *kowtows*


  1. Congratulations on the house! As much as I look forward to the weekly installment, don't worry about it. It sounds like things are cra-zy. Don't add to it with worry about the story. We'll be here whenever it's ready.

    Since you kicked ass, does that mean you passed your knife proficiency?

    1. I did indeed pass my proficiency, and am also qualified as an associate instructor now. The next step is becoming a full certified instructor, but I think I have to get through a few other things before I jump that high.

      You are infinitely understanding and I appreciate it, darlin.