Monday, July 13, 2015

New Release: Where There's Fire and Blog Tour

It's HERE!

The second story in my Panopolis series is here! POW! SNAP! WHAM!

Yes, I am actually that excited about it! This one picks up six months after the first left off, following the continuing adventures of Edward Dinges, Villain name yet-undetermined, and his lover Raul, aka The Mad Bombardier. Edward's trying to make a name for himself, Raul is trying to fend off rival Villains and a new big bad is causing problems for everybody.

The fun continues! You can find it here at Riptide:

And here at Amazon: Where There's Fire

One more link, this one for the blog tour. Why bother? Guys, guys, guys...the prize. The PRIZE! Follow along, leave a comment, and the winner gets to name someone in the next book. Villain, Hero, innocent bystander, somebody's dog--we'll talk about it when you win! Come and visit with me along the way. Tour stops:

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