Friday, August 22, 2014

What Comes Next

Hi there darlins

So, let me give you a quick sense of my schedule for the next few days. This is relevant because a) I'm going to be doing something super fun over the weekend and I want to share, and b) it affects the posting of the first chapter of Soothsayer.

This weekend my man and I are going to knife camp in the mountains. Martial Blades Concepts camp, actually, but that's just a fancy way of saying we're going to be playing with edged weapons for three days. Look at my attendance gift!

Ooh, neck knife, so pretty!

I say's a self-defense system based on the idea that you're carrying and know how to effectively use a tactical folding knife, and also works on empty-hand defenses against a knife-wielding attacker. I've always wanted to get more comfortable with knife work since it's such a practical weapon, and this stuff is very cool and very practical, so. Off to the mountains, where we'll be car-camping (most people are staying at the nearby resort--wusses) until Monday morning. Then we rush back to Boulder and I go to work.

The problem here is that I'll have very little writing time this weekend, and as a result the first chapter of Soothsayer may be delayed to Tuesday afternoon, or possibly Thursday if I'm not feeling it. It's going to be a fairly long chapter, and I want to have the time to do it right. Just an fyi.

Also, and this is a change from my normal MO, it's possible that once I'm done with Soothsayer I'll want to submit it to a press if it's good enough. My science fiction stories I plan to self-publish someday and will always have a free version up here, but this one might end up in the hands of a third-party publisher, which means I might have to remove the content at some point. The story will still be free to follow while I post it here, and stay that way until if/when I get a contract, so don't worry about that, I'm not going to leave you hanging, I just have to go full-speed ahead with this whole "be an actual full-time writer and give up your day job" thing, and this could be a part of that. I've got to try, at least.

Have a wonderful weekend, guys!


  1. You guys do the coolest things! Have fun :-)

    1. Huge fun, darlin. My right leg is tiger-striped with bruises from all the quad cuts, but it was a great time.