Saturday, May 24, 2014

New Release: Wanting More + bonus story (OMG!!!)

Hi guys!

So this is very exciting.  Today I finally managed (after months of prevaricating) to actually get to the publishing part of my first self-publishing venture.  I got the rights back to two stories published in some older anthologies, re-edited them, was gifted a cover by the awesome P.D. Singer and put them together to become Wanting More.  The stories are about the same couple, they're contemporary, there's a little BDSM splashed in there, and there's a rentboy theme.  Sounds fun?

I think so!  Want some more information?

Wanting More:  After a late-night rendezvous is interrupted by the partner of the man who hired him, stripper and high-end escort Alex Kidman can't get James Fitzgerald out of his head. So when James comes to watch him dance a few weeks later, Alex knows it's time to make his move--but James isn't comfortable with him if he isn't paying for his time. 

This short story also appeared in the Dreamspinner Press anthology Sindustry II.

Favorite Dish:  With his lover James away on business for three weeks, Alex does his best to distract himself by keeping busy with his work as a chef, but not even the most elaborate meals can keep him occupied when all he wants to do is cook for two.  Fortunately James has the same problem, and can’t resist coming home early to satisfy his hunger for Alex.

This short story also appeared in the Torquere Press anthology Pour Some Sugar On It.

Update: now available on Amazon here! Wanting More.

So far it's only available at All Romance Ebooks, but I'll have the links here for Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kobo within the next day.  I'm really excited about this, it's a new step for me.  Eventually I'll get longer works out there, including my Literotica and blog stories (edited, lengthened and not taken down from the original sites, because I love you all).  


  1. Bought it and read it whilst doing the laundry this afternoon (sadly I didn't get to leave all my chores behind in London...) - and enjoyed it very much :-) Short but oh so sweet!

    1. VC, omigosh! Thank you for buying and reading this! I really appreciate it, you don't even know, darlin.

  2. Bought it, read it, loved it. What's next?

    1. Glad you asked, Carol Anne :)

      I'm editing and extending a Literotica story, The Captain, and will probably put that one up as a self-pub next. The first three parts will remain on Lit, because I appreciate the support readers there have given me, but the fourth part will only be available as a part of the extended volume. I hired a pro editor to look it over for me, so this one will be a big deal, personally. If you like historical fiction and the age of sail, hopefully you'll like this one. :) Thanks for reading Wanting More!

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