Sunday, October 7, 2012

Hey, shiny!

Omg, see the shiny?  The new pages on the sidebar, one for Vignette: Tsunami and any future vignettes I write, and one for all the Paradise posts up to now?  Focus on that, not the fact that I still have to post the latest chapter of Paradise (it's coming, one more day, lovers).  Yay for shinies!  I hope those pages help interested readers to get caught up without too much clicking and scrolling.

What else...Boulder has leapt into fall wholeheartedly, and we've had freezing rain and snow in the past few days.  So awesome.  The new house is great (pictures coming soon), work is...well, work, but it's consistent, I'm querying the hell out of my novel, I've done my familial duty for the forseeable future by inviting my siblings to Thanksgiving...yeah.  Lookin' good.

Paradise soon, and more information on The Captain as well!  It's in the hands of two trusty betas as we speak.


  1. So glad the positive is overflowing in your life!! But thumbs down to the weather-which-shall-not-be-named-but-begins-with-"s"... I was running around in a t-shirt and skirt on Friday but now, mere hours later (okay days), the temps have dropped by twenty degrees and out have come the jeans and sweatshirts.

    So depressing.

    But stories and chapters are coming from you, so YEAH!!

    1. Aww, Ely, I'm sure you rock jeans just as hard as you do a skirt. Embrace the change, darlin. Admire the color of the trees, ignore the crunching of icy crystals beneath your feet. Drink cocoa. Or coffee or tea, pick your poison.

      And yes chapters! New one today, thank god, I needed to get it out there.