Monday, October 31, 2011

Cutest. Holiday. EVER! Oh, and a story.

I can see why people have kids.  It all makes sense to me now.  It's so they can parade them around in adorable costumes and listen to us ooh and ahh over how incredibly cute their little princesses/supermans/ninjas/frogs are.  Good reason, I say.  Kudos to the girl who came as a crazy cat lady.

I wish I had a really Halloween-centric story or snippet to give you guys, but it's already late into the holiday and in all likelihood you won't read this on the 31st anyway.  I still want to give you a treat though, so you get the short story posted below, vaguely Halloween-themed.  I originally wrote it for a contest but it got rejected, so please don't expect my best work here.  It is fun, though, and M/F/M, which is a genre I don't often write.  And R rated.  Very R rated, so if there are any virgin eyes out there, cover them or prepare to be violated.

Tomorrow a snippet of A Blinded Mind, and Wednesday is the contest.  I am all about posting lately, huh?



Within and Without

By Cari Z


He fell through the metal doors and out into the snow, stumbling to his feet and fleeing down the alley. The command reverberated through his whole body, erasing conscious thought and emotion, erasing everything except the need to obey.


He ran, sliding on the slick, icy pavement, colliding first with a wall, then a trash can. His breaths froze in his lungs, becoming sharper with every step. He was still charged with the adrenaline the command engendered, but gradually he was becoming aware of the cold, and the fact that he had on little more than a black net shirt and leather pants. His boots thudded against the hard-packed snow, arms pumping, lungs forcing breath through a body that cried out against it. Vaguely he was aware of wanting warmth, craving the comforting heat of an embrace. Of several embraces.


The strength of the command began to die in his mind. He became more aware of his surroundings, of the deserted street and the ghostly yellow light of the streetlamps illuminating brief patches through the gray, misty night. His body began to slow, pain and exhaustion slowly creeping back into his consciousness. Why was he running? From what? He remembered strobe lights and the coppery undertone that always accompanied a vampire’s club. He remembered the press of gyrating bodies and the sudden, shocking realization that he and Liam had been separated, and that the target knew what he was. What they were.

Cal’s breath sobbed in his throat as he fought to stop moving. Run. That had been the last thing Liam had been able to transmit to him, their eyes linking across the room as they realized what was happening. Cal had been separated from his partner, his lover, his master; the owner of the club and his nest turned on them when they realized the building was being surrounded by federal agents, and there was only time for the briefest communication between them. Cal wasn’t like Hailey; he hadn’t been with Liam long enough to hear his thoughts without making eye contact. Even as the master vampire who owned the place had closed on Liam, Liam had ignored him long enough to send his final command to Cal.

Run. It had come with a shower of dark blood as the other vampire struck at Liam’s throat. Cal didn’t know what happened afterwards. He had immediately turned and sprinted towards the nearest door, evading the clutches of a dozen grasping thralls sprinkled through the press. He’d taken several hits, and when he raised a shaking hand to his face, Cal realized his nose was tender and bleeding. Maybe broken; he couldn’t tell. He was too numb to know. He turned around and looked back the way he had come. Cal was alone, the only sign of his passage the scrape of his footsteps in the snow. Liam wasn’t here. He wasn’t coming.

Cal fought down a wave of panic. He hadn’t planned on being separated from Liam; neither of them had. This was supposed to be a relatively simply operation: infiltrate, ingratiate, choose the best time to strike and then do so, fast and hard so the master vampire who ran the club, aptly called Agony, couldn’t secret away his newest batch of human bait, people who weren’t members of his nest that were kidnapped and used like cattle. Hailey was monitoring them both from a secure location nearby, in the company of other feds. She and Liam could maintain telepathic touch, but Cal was on his own. It wouldn’t have mattered if they’d managed to stay together, but they hadn’t.

There was still the locator. Hailey was freaking out, Cal knew it, and as long as Liam was all right she’d be sending someone after Cal right now. He could retrace his steps, but Cal was alone and unarmed. All he had going for him was the locator beacon in his right boot’s sole and the knowledge that Hailey was looking for him. He had no idea what was going on at the club right now, and it was very possible that if he went back as he was he would only end up making things worse. He got out of the circle of light he’d come to a stop under, choosing the shadows of a store awning off the main route. It wouldn’t stop someone from finding him, but it might give him the time to determine whether they were friend or foe.

Hailey would find him, and Liam would come. Liam was okay. Cal had only been a member of Liam’s very small nest for six months, but still he thought he would know if something truly dire had happened to the vampire. Cal was in the very beginning stages of thralldom, a willing partnership that some people termed slavery between vampires and their human families. He hadn’t gained very many abilities yet, not like Hailey, who was both telepathic with Liam and highly empathic with everyone she came into contact with. It made her an excellent interrogator, but in large groups it was a weakness, which was why Cal had been chosen to partner with Liam for the operation.

Cal tasted blood in his throat and grimaced. He spat a mouthful of it into the snow to his right, then froze as he watched more splotches of blood join his own, drip-drip-dripping from above him. Cal slowly lifted his head, forcing himself to stay calm as his eyes found his new and unwanted companion.

A creature grinned down at him from the fire escape overhead, clenching a severed hand between its teeth. The hand was humanoid, masculine and pale. Cal refused to look at it. It wasn’t Liam’s; Liam was too strong for something like this to destroy him.

There was more than one vampire in that club, though, and some of the master’s thralls were very powerful. Like this one. A master vampire could shape a thrall to some extent, enhancing certain characteristics while diminishing others. This one had clearly abandoned the appearance of humanity long ago. It was slinky and lean, and its hairless form was naked except for a loincloth. The tiny shriveled buds of breasts indicated that it used to be a woman, or possibly a female child, before it had been added to the master vampire’s menagerie. Now it was something other, something twisted.

It dropped the hand to the ground. “Tastes good.” Her voice sounded like glass scraped over concrete.

“Stay away from me,” Cal said, starting to back away. He glanced around, looking for anything he could use as a weapon. Damn it, where was Liam? Where was Hailey?

“But you’re fresh,” the creature purred, dropping down from the fire escape. “A fresh taste of an old, old bloodline. My master has tasted your master’s blood, and it is dangerously sweet. How do you taste, newborn?”

“I said stay away. I’m a federal agent.” Cal’s fingers found a loose piece of siding on the building. He gripped it and prepared to yank it off.

“But your blood sings to me,” the creature said, stalking on all fours across the sidewalk. She moved lightly, her spine arched like a grotesquely misshapen cat. “Sing inside of me, newborn.”

Don’t—” That was all Cal had time for before she lunged, her fingers splayed like talons. Cal wrenched the siding free and dodged to the side, but she moved with him and leapt forward, crashing against his chest and driving him onto his back. She snapped at his throat but Cal got a hand around her skinny neck, and held her off long enough to drive the hard plastic siding into her chest. He was strong enough now that he managed it with relative ease, pushing the rigid sliver into her torso just beneath her diaphragm. She screamed hoarsely, wrenched free of him long enough to rip the siding out and then plunged back down onto him in a frenzy, clawing and biting.

Cal wrapped his arms around his head to protect it from her blows, wincing as she sank her too-sharp teeth into his forearm. Flesh ripped and it was his turn to scream with pain, to feel the brief heat of pulsing blood pour down his arm before he took a hit to the temple, and his world went from gray to black.


He woke up surrounded by softness and warmth, especially against his chest and face. His head moved with gentle breaths, and slender fingers stroked through his dark blonde hair. He felt sore but not broken, and wondered how that was possible.


The faint scent of vanilla teased him, comfortingly familiar, and he nuzzled into the softness beneath his cheek.

“Cal.” Lips pressed a kiss to his forehead. “Welcome back, sweetheart.”

“Hailey?” he mumbled.

“Hey, baby.” She kissed his forehead again, then his nose. Cal opened his eyes and realized that his head was cradled on Hailey’s soft breasts, her arms holding him close to her body. They were lying in the bed that the three of them shared, only Liam wasn’t with them.


“He’s healing,” Hailey soothed gently. “He had a hell of a fight, but he made it out in time to find you. He killed Arin’s thrall and started repairing you immediately.”

Cal glanced at his arm. There was a scar but it looked surprisingly whole given what he remembered feeling. He looked up at Hailey’s face. Her usually rosy cheeks were pallid, and there were grainy semicircles beneath her eyes. “He had to feed from you.”

“He could hardly feed from you,” Hailey said with a smile. “You needed it, Cal, and I’ve pulled double duty before. You’re my guys, I’ve gotta take care of you.” She leaned in now and kissed his mouth, and Cal felt the sudden tremble in her body. All of a sudden he was holding her, not the other way around, and her kisses were tinged with desperation.

“God, Cal,” she murmured against his lips. “I was so afraid we had lost you! Liam got you out of the club but then he completely lost contact, and I had to try and find you but I didn’t know what had happened or even if Liam was going to get out alive for awhile, and then when he did find you you were so hurt, and Liam tried to feed you but he didn’t have any more blood to spare and I almost didn’t make it to him in time and…Cal!” She buried her face in his shoulder, spilling her jet black hair over his neck. Cal just held on, let her shiver and sniffle as she tried to rein in her tears. Hailey didn’t cry often, but when she did it usually turned into a storm, and he knew she hated that.

“You can’t die!” Hailey wailed. “You and Liam have to be more careful! We only just found you, Cal! It would kill me to lose you, and Liam would never get over it.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” Cal promised. It was all he could do, even if it was a lie. “And I think you’d survive as long as you and Liam had each other.”

“No, Cal.” She pulled back, her eyes puffy and red and Cal remembered for the first time in a long time just how old Hailey really was, and how much she had been through already. “We can’t. We tried, remember? Liam can only feed from his nest, and I just can’t give him everything he needs. And if I keep breaking my heart I wouldn’t want to. I love you, Cal. We love you so much.” She leaned into him and kissed him with need this time, hard and hungry.

Cal was suddenly, pointedly aware of Hailey’s glorious nudity, her body warm and inviting. The vanilla scent grew stronger, and her nipples peaked as their chests rubbed together. “Cal,” Hailey murmured, “fuck me.”

Whoa. Hailey didn’t use that word often; she’d been raised during a time when it was highly improper for a woman to swear. Saying fuck meant she didn’t want seduction or romancing; she just needed him inside of her, and Cal was more than happy to do that. Except…


“Is here.” The vampire’s voice was low, almost inaudible. Cal started to twist around but Hailey held him tight. “Eyes on our girl,” Liam said. “I won’t be pretty again for a while, Cal. You don’t need to see this side of me yet.”

“When were you ever pretty?” Cal joked, but he still felt uncomfortable, like one of his limbs was asleep. After a second the bed behind him dipped, and then Liam’s cool body was nestled behind his, and his arm came around Cal’s waist.

“You need to take care of our girl,” Liam told him, his voice rough and husky. “And I’ll take care of you.”

“Oh God, I love that!” Hailey laughed breathlessly. “He gets this look in his eyes when we both have him, it’s just amazing. I come so hard seeing the two of you like that.”

Liam entwined his hand with Cal’s, then trailed them both down Hailey’s abdomen, through her nest of soft, damp curls and into the slick crevice between her thighs. Hailey moaned and drew her knees back, cradling Cal with her hips, encouraging him to enter her.

“Feel how wet her pussy is,” Liam murmured, his lips right beside Cal’s ear. “How hot and sweet she is.” He pushed several of their fingers inside of her at once and Hailey gasped, clenching around them. “Think of how good that will feel around your cock.” He lowered their hands to Cal’s throbbing dick and stroked it, coating him with her juices.

“Now,” Hailey begged. “Now, please!”

“You heard our girl,” Liam chuckled, and then he settled his own cock against Cal’s ass and pushed forward, not entering him, just guiding. Cal slipped inside of Hailey, who arched and sighed with contentment. Liam let go of Cal’s hand, then reached his own hand around and pressed the tips of his fingers against Cal’s tight ring. Liam rested his chin on Cal’s shoulder, covering every inch of his back like Hailey now covered his front. “You want more of this?”

“God, yes,” Cal groaned, thrusting erratically into Hailey as he grappled with the urge to both push forward and press back. “Touch me, god, Liam, anything!”

Liam moved just long enough to slick his fingers and then he was back, and not one but two of them slid steadily into Cal’s ass, pushing him deeper into Hailey’s pussy. The burn was more sudden than he was used to but Cal didn’t care. He wanted, he craved the physical connection. He needed every reminder that his lovers were with him and touching him and fucking him.

Liam pulled his fingers back and Cal followed, withdrawing from Hailey just to plunge back in when Liam pushed inside again. Liam played both of them, manipulating the speed and intensity of their pleasure, drawing it out and heightening it. Cal could come just like this, fucking Hailey who looked like she was higher than the moon, coming against his vampire’s fingers. He could come right now and it would be amazing. In fact, there was only one way that it could be better.

“Fuck me,” Cal gasped, fast and desperate. “I want you inside of me, Liam, all of you inside of me. I need to feel all of you, everywhere. Please, please.”

“I’ll give you anything you want,” Liam told him, and his voice was a snarling promise, dark and guttural with the evidence of his change. “Everything you want.” His fingers jerked free and Cal cried out in denial, but a second later Liam’s cockhead pushed through Cal’s loosened ring, burning anew as it stretched him even further. It was hard and fast and exactly what Cal needed, and he braced himself on his forearms and dropped his head against Hailey’s neck and just let himself be a vessel, a conduit between his lovers, both of them using him for their pleasure.

Hailey suddenly came hard, her voice a quavering scream as her pussy spasmed around Cal’s cock. It was almost enough to push him over the edge, but he knew Liam would make restraint worth his while, and Cal loved fucking Hailey when she was happy and pliant in the aftermath of an orgasm. He thrust into her harder, bearing Liam’s weight, groaning with the thickness of his cock plunging in and out of him over and over. Cal’s balls tightened, his groin ached and he knew he was going to come any second.

Liam shifted minutely, just an inch to the left and then it wasn’t his chin on Cal’s shoulder, it was his mouth, and he sank his fangs into the base of Cal’s neck. Cal gasped with pain and pleasure as his orgasm exploded forth, his cock flexing as he filled Hailey’s pussy with his release. He felt the sudden surge of heat in his own ass and distantly recognized it as Liam coming before his mind went dazed. All he felt were the embraces of his family, their love and the intimacy that they shared. Liam gradually stopped drinking and licked the wound he’d made closed, then press a tender kiss to the spot.

“Cal,” Liam whispered, and it was the soft voice of the lover that almost no one ever heard.

“Love you,” Hailey sighed, rife with satisfaction and adoration and sheer relief.

There was too much to say, and it stopped up his throat. But fortunately Cal didn’t have to say it. They both knew it all anyway.

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