Wednesday, August 17, 2011 we are.

So, back in America now!  I'm living in a hotel room at the moment, but have the time (and the wifi, yay!!!) to give a quick status report.  No one wants to hear about embarrassing raptures over food (although I did follow your advice, Tiffany, and it was entirely delicious:) so lets move on to the important stuff.  Like when am I going to get this blog up to snuff, update my published works and upcoming projects page, put some excerpts up, run a contest or two and, most importantly, post more of Pandora.

The answer is: soon!  While the 'rents are in town I must cater to their needs, but I'll have more Pandora posted by the end of the week, and will try to update the rest of the blog this weekend.  As for a contest/giveaway, it turns out some of my awesome publishers sent me double copies of numerous books, and I want to give them to interested parties.  I don't know exactly how I'll be doing this yet, but it will happen within the next week.  Two are Dreamspinner anthologies, one is Storm Moon Press' Wild Passions antho and the other is Cleis Press' I Like To Watch anthology, yummy exhibitionism and voyeurism stories.  Think about it.  Suggestions are welcome.  I can respond to emails easier now, so don't be shy.

Now, off to breakfast.  Oh, the possibilities...

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