Friday, April 8, 2011


I received a contract offer from Dreamspinner Press today for my almost-long-enough-to-be-a-novel-but-not-quite novella A Blinded Mind.  This is a story that I wrote for NaNoWriMo, and it's really pretty dark considering my usual fare, but also much more structurally complex.  Which is not to say I'm shooting for the Pulitzer of erotica here, but I'm really happy it's going to be published.

Of course, I did end it with something of a cliffhanger.  Which means I'll have to do a sequel eventually if it sells.  Which, as my regular visitors know, is not my strong suit.  I can write good sequels, but writing them in good time...yeah, I tend to fall down on that front.  So why do I do this to myself, leave plots and characters hanging?  Poor planning, latent love and inspiration for improvement.  And alliteration, I get a huge kick out of that:) Anyway, more soon about the release.

In other areas of my life, it looks like my darling man will have not just a job but a good, tecnhologically and creatively interesting job when we get back to America, if, y'know, congress passes a budget.  So, um...what's the hold-up?  C'mon, Congress!  You can do it!  Pass that budget! Yeah!

I swear, I haven't been drinking.


  1. Hooray for getting published! I was hoping A Blinded Mind would be published so we could read the rest of it. The sneak peak you posted a while back was very interesting.

    I know how you feel about that budget thing. My hubs has a job with US Department of Energy here in TN and while his job is one that won't immediately cease if the budget fails to pass we are still nervous they may shut him down soon after. Glad your husband at least has the prospect of a job to look forward to :-) I hope for everyone's sake this budget thing gets cleared up ASAP. Fingers crossed.

    P.S.-I hate to ask (okay, not really) but I was wondering how things are coming along with Shadows and Light? Any chance we might get to read that last chapter soon?

  2. Don't be afraid to ask, just be afraid to hear that...actually yes, I'm working on it! And you thought I'd say I was neglecting Shadows and Light:) I did, actually, all March, but April is kicking my ass with the dual dynamos of guilt and shame and I'm getting it done. It will be such a huge relief to get this story's awesome and fun to write *pats self on back;)* but hard.

    And yeah, man...the budget. It made French news which made African news, even. Oy. Good luck for your man.