Sunday, October 24, 2010

If I May Digress...

Sooo, the blog is going nicely.  Got links to some friends up, put links into my published work's page.  Did, you know, stuff.  I'm writing, editing, getting ready for more calls and trying to put together some longer pieces for people.  Trying to figure out how to post some free shorter stuff here.  Some of this I'll do today, but my good intentions were waylaid by (drumroll please): THE BOX FROM AMERICA!!!!

Actually it's from Germany, where my folks live, but it might as well be America for all the awesomeness that inhabits it.  Parmesan cheese.  Brownie mix.  Crackers.  Plaster of paris and shrink-tubing (there are times we'd kill for a decent hardware store.)  Magazines.  It is pure delight.  I need to go and revel in the decadence for a while, then I'll be able to properly focus, fortified by Wheat Thins and brownies. 

Right, so, this is a writing blog, not an everyday event blog, but these boxes only come once every blue moon, and they must be properly acknowledged.  Now I'll get back to writing.


  1. Can't fault you for not doing other "stuff" when you just received a big box of AWESOME from your folks. Care packages are the best distraction EVER! We know you'll make it up to us in the end. :-)

  2. I certainly will. And I am now replete with chocolate, which puts me in a generous mood:)